Dinosaur posing with his dinosaurs in his church outfit.

I love my church for a many reasons,

They consider children part of the community and want them attending mass. There are no family rooms for noisy children. The priests welcome children at mass.

Now that Dinosaur is older he loves shaking everyone’s hands and says “peace you”, he really brings me so much joy. Today he enjoyed shaking another little boy’s hand.

I love how he moves and hums to the music, he can feel it in his body and soul and that makes me happy.

The priests’ sermons are relateable to real life. They don’t talk AT us, they talk to us and connect the scriptures to our lives.

We attend service at the hall in the school. It is easier for Dinosaur to move around and kneel down to read a book or play with his cars. He’s not old enough to sit still through the mass yet.

Today’s sermon was about miracles and once again it was related to our lives. The priest spoke about the movie “Moonstruck” and how Cher’s character says it’s modern times and there aren’t any miracles. The priest eloquently connected that to the Gospel, showing us all the miracles there are if we choose to see them. My son is a miracle. Every day he wakes up, even though too early, I still wake up as a mom with a wonderful son. What miracles have you seen?

when Dinosaur was only two weeks old and
still not even five pounds



I changed the look of my blog, I love change and just wanted it to reflect what I was feeling.

I changed my cleaning schedule ONCE AGAIN. I moved it to the sidebar and checked off what I have done.  What do you think?

I used to post products or activities that I love on Sunday, but now I am going to post what we love about Sundays, happenings at church, and what we learned.


Miracles — 18 Comments

  1. “Peace you” is so cute! At mass, when we say “Thanks be to God” Miles always smiles big and says God! God! God! God! …Luckily we attend a children loving church too so they don’t mind a little extra Holy Spirit in the form of a toddler learning to talk!

  2. What a sweet little guy you have. Wonderful that you’ve found a perfect church home. Today’s first miracle is that I am up before dawn! xo L

  3. Wonderful post! I so related to those little miracles in our lives – our children. We, too, have a relatable church that we go to, which changes your whole outlook on Sundays. Love your whole blog and your new cleaning schedule!

  4. Hi Karen, I know you wrote this over a year ago, but I still wanted to comment. It sounds like you go to such a beautiful church. I love that the priest welcomes the children in that way. I remember the sign of peace being one of my favourite parts of the mass too when I was a kid 🙂

    • thanks babe…we are lucky to have such a welcoming parish…He loves to proudly sing a song from Veggie Tales every time he hears the priest say God…it’s too cute.

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