Letter G and Fall Fun

Found this cute activity Fall Leaf Puppets I tried it with Dinosaur…but I used leaf print outs, colored them in, cut them out and glued them back to front on half pipe cleaners. He did NOT want me to put the pipe cleaners on them for arms.


More fun fall cafts can be found at FamilyFun and AllKidsNetwork

Then we tried to do some leaf drawings…but he wanted NONE of that…So I did. I was my art therapy…it was lovely.

Then my mom called with a great idea…fall leaf chain. How great is that. So I cut construction paper into four strips. Dinosaur loved picking the colors, rubbing on the glue, and helping me shape the circle and press the ends together.  He was so proud of the fall chain and how it was taller than his.

He demanded that we hang it over his door, such a proud Dinosaur.

I created a wonderful PowerPoint on the letter G with a matching game at the end.

g words

I took our alphabet cards from schoolzone and put out letters we have learned. There are several games I play, but only give him six cards at a time. 

  • find big A, little e
  • where is the alligator, doll, fish, etc…
  • Find the matching pairs, Big C and little c, big F and little f
  • what two words start with “a” or “g” (show the pictures not the words) 

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