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Dinosaur was so happy to have bought us home yesterday. Sure we were trapped in a small apartment because of the blizzard, but he saw it as having his mommy and daddy close by. He kept hugging and kissing us, remind us that we are family. I reminded him that he made us a family, before him it was just mommy and daddy. We were so lonely without him.

He looked at me and laughed, “But I here now mommy.”

I held back my tears. “Yes, you are. I thank God everyday you are here.”

Despite times where we were going stir crazy in our 950 square foot apartment, we still had fun.

We had fun playing


playing air hockey


playing “Cars” Dominoes then stacking them up and seeing how high we make make the tower before it falls


building train tack tracks and playing with our train

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  1. Terrific way to spend a snow day! You make 950 sound small. I remember when me, the hubs, and all three kids were in an apartment that size. ha! You guys are spread out. 🙂

    BTW I totally love air hockey and really want Dino’s air hockey set.

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