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So I LOVE Pinterest. Why? For ideas, of course.

I’ve heard other say that Pinterest makes you feel inadequate or makes them strive for perfection. I use Pinterest for ideas. That is the reason it was created. That was its original purpose.

When Dino and I try something and it doesn’t look the way it’s supposed, I am proud. We did it OUR way and had fun in the process.

With Dinosaur having Proprioceptive Sensory Issues, we tried one of the ideas here.


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pay dough 2

I used some beads, a pizza cutter, a Lego, condiment cup, and a car.
Dinosaur was in his glory.


Dino was cutting the play dough and pretending to feed me.

play dough3

Then we added some cookie cutters and animals for more fun. This is the only time Dino will sit for about an hour and play.

box tunnel

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I also tried this home made tunnel for Dino, with an empty diaper box. Unfortunately, it didn’t go over well. He decided to dump all his toys in it and tried to destroy it.

What Pinterest activities have you tried with your little ones? How did it work?

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