Chocolate Chip Cookie Heaven

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Today I’m not posting about dinners, I’m posting about chocolate chip cookies. NO, they are NOT homemade…I don’t have time for that. Hubby bought a pack of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough from a kid in the boy scout troop he volunteers.


I was delighted when he brought them home, I wouldn’t buy them on my own, but was definitely going to use them now that they are here.


I also wanted to try to make cupcake versions of them, I posted the question on Facebook and twitter and got some answers. So in the end I tried it and IT WORKED.


Mind you I only put the small, pre-sized amount in each cupcake tin with NO wrapper. I coated with olive oil and it worked just fine. They came out splendid. Hubby and son preferred the bigger, flatter, traditional cookies, but I enjoyed eating my chocolate chip cookie cupcake.

I still have some frozen cookie dough and can’t wait to make more of these! Maybe even add some peanut butter chips to them…mmmmmmm


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  1. I bake all the time, but my son bought some of those too, to support his friend. I baked the cookies, put vanilla ice cream between two and made ice cream sandwiches.
    Love your idea of using the muffin tin. I’ve done it before to make cookie “cups” to fill, but never just to make cookies. Great ingenuity!

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