Family Fun

It’s Saturday and time for my story once again!

I had a super fun day with my mommy and daddy. First we went to eat at our favorite diner, Dimitris. Everyone there is so nice and the food is yummy. Though I prefer to play with my toys than eat, I am a kid after all.

Then we headed off to Kohls to get sheets for the bed and I got daddy to buy me a Spider-man sprinkler. Mommy and daddy says it will be broken before summer comes, but I don’t care. I love spinning him around and pretending he is shooting webs at everyone.

spider man toy

Before you email or comment about my straps, I would not let mommy finish strapping me in until she took a picture of my Spider-Man toy. Mommy is SUPER crazy about my car seat and checks it after anyone but her straps me in. AND the coat looks bulky, but it is quite thin, I was just slouching before mommy fixed it. 

Then we were off to Monster Mini Golf, my parents had a feeling I would be scared, but they took a chance anyway. I am glad they did. While I didn’t like mini golf because of all the scary monsters, the arcade was fun and I won two cool toys with all my tickets.


SAME disclaimer about the car seat…SEE ABOVE PICTURE…
Anyway, like my monster finger and rubber snake?

Then we went to subway for lunch and I got my own sandwich. I’m one lucky kid. Mommy and daddy said I was eating like a gentleman (wiping my mouth with a napkin after every bite).

subway lunch

Tomorrow my Lala and PopPop are coming up to celebrate Easter with us and then we are going down to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Sunday. I’m going to get lots of attention. Mommy says I am blessed, I just think I’m really lucky.

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    • thanks for stopping by, I hope he doesn’t destroy it before the summer, I’d like to run through it, LOL

      yeah, I save Saturdays for him, it’s fun to give him a blogging voice.

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