Listicles: Thirty Minutes just for me?


There were so many ways to write this list, but I decided to go with the

With My Dino:

Read Dinosaur’s favorite books before bed.

Answering a string of “WHY” questions raised by a too-smart preschooler

Trying to separate the colors in a squished play dough ball and cursing the person who invented it.


Time for Me:

Meditate or do yoga QUIETLY while son sleeps.

Take a quick walk

TAKE A NAP…of course I can only do this on the weekends… I MISS my naps but DON’T miss being home with him all day. 

Write a blog post or read some blogs



Make lunches and pack lunch bags for the next day of school/work

Get most of my Weekly Home Blessings done (good thing about having a small apartment)

Put away clean clothes and load washer/dryer.

Saw this and couldn’t resist. Some of the moms commented comments about the picture stating they don’t let their kids run them and so on…The point is just to laugh…we’ve all been there as moms and need to know we understand each other.

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Karen is married to a big kid and mom to a head strong, only child. She is happy with her family of three, along with their spoiled fur baby. Karen works full time as a teacher and still finds time to blog, read, crochet, and cook. Follow along as she enjoys this life.


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  1. I am not a mother yet, but I did find the cartoon funny – reminds me of my friends (who are mothers) who go through similar scenario. 🙂 I do have high respects to mothers – it is difficult to juggle many things in such a short amount of time.

  2. I remember those days…fortunately running errands actually goes faster with my kids now. Extra hands and impatient kiddos help, but I’d still rather go alone!

  3. I LOVE the cartoon… except mine is times 2. I swear, we aren’t out of the driveway before Mo has her shoes off. Does Dino do the “how” question too? Mo started that this weekend… she kept asking why and I told her to ask me a different question and she started asking “how?” LOL.

  4. OK, LOVE THIS! Mostly love the cartoon 🙂 I mean your list was great, but that cartoon was so right on. Seriously, what is the other option? I literally dragged my son into the Dr’s office today because I didn’t want to be embarrassed by being late, instead I was embarrassed for dragging a 7yo into a dr’s office!

  5. Sometimes, those ‘why’ questions are so fun, and other times, they are incredibly nerve-wrecking. I cannot believe you separate the colors in the Play-Dough – I don’t think I have the patience to even dream about doing it.

    Happy belated Listicle Monday!

  6. I’m going to concentrate on the Time for Me section because I am so lacking in that category. Can I get a couple of minutes to myself? I’ll take ten….

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