Pirates and Nemo

Yesterday we went to a fair in a town nearby with my SIL, her hubby, and their kids. Dino had fun going on all the rides with his cousin, Vanessa.  Dino will post about the fair on Saturday, his day of the week to tell his story. I LOVED watching Dino go on all the rids with his cousin. They had a blast and brought so much joy to my heart.

He won a goldfish for throwing a ping pong ball in a bowl on the first try! He named his fish, Nemo! So today we are headed out to get Nemo a proper tank and accessories.

I did NOT want a fish, but once I realized how much Dino immediately loved Nemo, I loved him too. So now we are a family of three with a dog and a fish! LOL.


On the way home we stopped by Walgreens and Dino saw swords, even though they are for playing with in pools, he wanted one. He also told his daddy to buy one too, so they could play pirates. That is just what they did when they got home, Dino was beyond happy. He wanted to play with his daddy, because he knows his daddy will always play silly games with him. When hubby does things like this…it fills my heart will even more love than I imagined.

I AM HAPPY, that my toilet is clean! Thanks FlyLady!



No worries, the swords are Styrofoam…super soft. The heavy breathing you hear is our dog, Balboa. He wanted to protect both Daddy and Dino from each other and eat the swords, LOL. I am holding him back while trying to film their sword fight. Dino LOVES roughhousing with his daddy.

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  1. You just reminded me I have an empty tank and need to go buy a new fish in it for my girls. We had fish back last year before Hurricane Sandy hit and ever since the power went out from it (and the filter wasn’t working from that), we have had no luck with fish. Hope you guys have better luck, but know we need to try again and thanks seriously for writing this and again reminding me.

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