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This is my first time joining in on Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I LOVE this and can totally work this into my Sunday posts. Luckily this week we can choose what we want to capture-a great way to ease me into the fun.

Yesterday was big day for us, Dino’s 4th birthday party was yesterday. Stew Leonard’s did a fabulous and spectacular job with the party. I recommend them for all kid’s parties. I will post more on that tomorrow, Dino’s actual birthday. Spider-Man stopped by and joined in on the fun. What a joy to watch the excitement in my son’s eyes.

Though as I sit here preparing this post, I can’t help but laugh at all the drama that comes from kids birthday parties. I swear sometimes I think if this situation was being filmed it would be perfect for Arrested Development…which I have now been hooked on ever since hubby forced me to watch a few episodes. I LOVE THE SHOW. Believe me, I’m far from normal, so I can’t judge…just laugh.

Anyway, now onto the Scavenger Hunt

  1. anticipation: Balboa’s eyes will track that toy, not losing focus, knowing any second
    it will be thrown and the  fun of retrieving it begins. Love how excited our dog gets over playing with us.
    scavenger hunt anticipation
  2. proud: Dino loves showing me all the wonderful things he can make by himself, even
    better when he can pose for a picture with his creation.scavenger hunt proud

3. Beauty: Beautiful tree in our shared driveway that I love looking at. Dino loves to run up to it and run back to me for fun. What a great reminder to look at the beauty all around us.


4: concern: Darn carpenter bees won’t go away and I am always scared of going in the garage. Despite this, I am thankful we do have a garage to store our items in and keep all of Dino’s bikes and outdoor toys.


5: clean up: The worst part about eating outside is cleaning up, really wish I could blink my eyes and it would all be done for me. The best part, having a family (Balboa included) to clean up after!

clean up


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Capturing the Wonder — 18 Comments

  1. Ahhhh, what a cute little dog!

    Pretty tree! I just love nature and the gifts that are given each and every day. I just love spring (achoo).

    The little dino is so darn cute! I love the lego creation!

    Have a wonderful Sunday! Thanks so much for the reminder to link up the the Sunday Social Linky Party!

  2. Welcome to the scavenger. I’m addicted and post every week. Can’t help it. Carpenter bees sound scary. I have racoons living in the cupola on my garage. I’m scared of that too.
    Hope your 4 year old had a happy birthday.

  3. Happy, happy birthday to your baby boy! Spider Man came to my son’s fifth birthday party too – busy super hero!

  4. Welcome to the hunt! – Isn’t it fun.
    Your dog looks so doggone cute. I love that tree you have in your yard. I believe it’s a Japanese Maple. Your boy is also adorable & looks so proud of his creation.

  5. Love this idea (and your new blog layout). We are catching up on all of the Arrested Developments too. I can’t believe we didn’t watch them before. Sorry about the bees, but your trees look incredible. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. XOX

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