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It’s Saturday and time for my story again.

Last Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day and daddy decided to do the coolest thing. We went to the Stamford Nature Center. I LOVE it there. There are so many animals to see, even if it smells really bad. They need to wash those animals. The only animals I didn’t want to see were the roosters, they are too loud.

Mommy took lots of pictures but she wasn’t in any this time. It’s not that she’s afraid to get in front of the camera, she just wanted it to be all about me and daddy.

my daddy

I love my mommy, but I also love my daddy. He’s super cool and brave.

He watched me go down the big slides.

cool slides2 cool slides

cool slides3

He walked with me and told me about the animals and showed me to not be afraid of the quails.

 walking with daddywatching quails

He laughed when I was silly on the BIG pirate ship.

pirate ship4 pirate ship3 ©2013 pirate ship

He sat with me and we ate our sandwiches together. I told him I loved him and he loves me back, but I already knew that.

eating with my daddy2 eating with my daddy eating with my daddy4

How do you have fun with your family?

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  1. Oh looked like a wonderful Father’s Day!! Dino and your hubby seemed to have a wonderful day and loved how you were more concerned with getting pictures of them, then having yourself in their, because it was Father’s Day. Great job, Karen!! 🙂

  2. Your pictures are WONDERFUL!! It looks like the perfect place to spend Father’s Day. (or any day really!!) Love it. We have a similar place here in Charlotte. I’ve got to get the kids there this summer!! –Lisa

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