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 I may not always agree with society as a whole or the people who represent our government, but….

I am THANKFUL and PROUD to be an American.

I have the freedom to speak my mind, whether it be to voice my opinion or fight back against what I believe to be an injustice.

I have the right to choose what religion to worship and what to believe

I can read a not only a tribute to the President, but also a satire and complaint about the President as well…and if I so desire I can either write my praises or complaints about him.

My son can choose where to go to college, where to live, and what his career will be.

I can vote and voice my opinion on candidates and even voice my opinion on the results of an election

I can borrow audio books of my choice from the library and listen to gory crime dramas, romances, or an uncensored comedienne’s biography.

I have many certifications and degrees and chose what career I wanted. 

I can freely blog about my life and comment on other blogs, dress how I choose, wear my hair to my liking, and choose my friends.

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Karen is married to a big kid and mom to a head strong, only child. She is happy with her family of three, along with their spoiled fur baby. Karen works full time as a teacher and still finds time to blog, read, crochet, and cook. Follow along as she enjoys this life.



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