Finish the Sentence Friday

This week’s sentence is If I could go back and do something over it would be… 

Wow, so many things come to mind, but so does the fact that if I change ONE thing then everything would be effected and my life could be so different.

So Instead of changing anything, I’d like to go back and witness special moments when Dinosaur was younger. I’d like to watch when I first got to hold my son and then bring him home. I’d like to watch him smiling and laughing. I’d like to watch the moments when he tried to “bite” my hands as I changed his diapers my little snapping turtle. The moments when he rolled over, sat up, and crawled. The moments when he copied my facial expressions and sounds. The moments when he first said mommy and daddy and I love you. The moments when he started eating on his own and no longer wanted the bottle. The moments when he would sit in my arms, holding onto me and I would rock him endlessly.

Even though Dinosaur is only four, so many beautiful moments have become memories. I know all too well that soon he will be elementary school then middle school running off with his friends these moments will be memories too. It’s so bittersweet to watch your child grow and remember the baby he once was and the man he will become.

My mother gave me this beautiful trinket box. The company is Willow Tree and they make such beautiful figurines. Writing this post reminded me of the two I have, courtesy of my mom. This one is a mom and son, unfortunately I didn’t see it on their site, but check them out anyway.


And next week’s sentence to finish: “In Church I learned to…”



  1. Oh Karen, this was such a sweet and lovely post and I never thought of it this when when I was writing it, but loved your take on the sentence. And now that you mention it and especially sine Emma’s birthday is next week (still can’t believe she is going to be 4 years old) would love to go back for a few moments and relive the early memories of her from the beginning, too. Thanks for this and now I am totally reminiscing tonight!! 🙂

  2. This is lovely ~ it is amazing how quickly those big moments can turn into fading memories. And I love your point about how changing one thing could cause a ripple effect…. how nice to appreciate what we have and what we have done, rather than ponder all the parallel lives we could be living 🙂

    • Yes, I am always afraid if I wish for something to be different I will lose what I have. All the troubles I faced all brought me here…so it was worth it.

  3. Really a nice posting. Having seen my kids come and go, I think back at all the times I could’ve been a little closer to them, and enjoyed them more. Still, perhaps my absence helped them to become a little tougher at times. I do miss some of the memories you speak of, but know that memories can still be made. That’s what makes the one’s we cherish so special. Good job!

  4. I wouldn’t really change anything that affected any of my family, because as you say it change things that you wouldn’t change for the world. I took my youngest son to Freshman Orientation for college this week. Things to go incredibly fast! It is so important to appreciate them every day, because it is such a short time that you have them with you.

  5. Oh, this is so very sweet and true!! There are so many moments I wish I could get back again. Its trite to say it, but time really does fly by so quickly!! –Lisa

  6. That’s a beautiful trinket box. That says it all doesn’t it. I just had a flashback to how mean my son looked when he realized I was standing taking a picture and he was holding his own bottle. The expression was priceless.

  7. Beautiful moments becoming memories…that’s kinda what life is all about, isn’t it? You made me sniffle a little, Karen – our babies grow too fast!

  8. YES! You and I were on the same page today, huh? What I wouldn’t give to go back and witness precious moments throughout the years. I am trying to be more mindful of them as they arise! Beautiful post!

    • Thanks babe, I know as Dino gets older, I am getting more emotional about how fast it all goes and I hope I can remember each and every moment clearly.

  9. What an awesome post, there are so many moments that I would love to relive with my oldest but it has taught me to be slower with my youngest.

  10. I love how you did this. I said I’d not want to change a thing either, but I really think you did an excellent job of writing about how you want to go back and see things that you’d missed. Great job.

  11. You captured what mothering is all about. Now that my kids are grown, the things they remember and don’t remember amaze me. Why do we focus on the negative memories when they tend to hold the good ones close? Beautiful.
    Visiting from SITS, following on FB and Twitter!

  12. It is hard to say what you would change. Even when there are bad things if you change them then you might not be the same person. Who knows if I’d be better or worse. I think just watching special moments is the way to go.

    Love the figurine!

  13. I love watching videos with Anthony, he’s even seen his birth video numerous times…it’s a c-section and he sees himself lifted up and hears the doctor say it’s a boy and I have a son.

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