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That I was able to find the products I wanted to organize our rooms. 

I have a son who accepts and easily adapts when I change up and/or organize our space.

I had to spend little money getting it all done.

That Dino wants to do more independent things, such as getting his cup of milk from the fridge, get utensils form the drawer, throw dirty clothes in the washing machine, put clean clothes away, and put dirty dishes and utensils in the sink. 


Last week I posted about having so space because of my hubby the space thief. He continues to deny that he is a clothes, pen, movie, and pretty much EVERYTHING hoarder. I think it’s time for things to suddenly and mysteriously dis disappear. LOL

Well thanks to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and their coupons I got THREE drawers for my room and TWO for Dino’s closet I got some more room in the closet…but will need to get more hangers since hubby likes to steel them too.

our closetThese drawers came in handy, I covered the front with some old wrapping paper and it did the trick. I now have extra space, but became enraged when Hubby put his things on top of my drawers…I wanted to beat him. How dare he? Like he hasn’t taken over everything else?

my drawersFor Dino, I was able to get two smaller drawers for his puzzle pieces which I try to keep organized in plastic zip-loc baggies…makes it easier for him to open and close. After doing that, I was able to relabel all his bins, fit them in the closet in an organized way.

full closet

Legos cars dinos people games puzzles and pieces  dress up and trainbooks and where

I also moved the dresser over to the other wall and put the easel in corner; the paper and crayons underneath it for Dino to use. NO markers…after an incident in which he marked up the couch, walls, and rug with marker because he wanted to…there are no more markers in the house
for Dino.
dresser and easel

Then I moved the couch and table to the other corner so Dino could watch TV and relax. My mom just bought a nice table and chair set for Dino, this way he can eat, color, play, or do puzzles on his table like a big boy. It should be coming soon. Thanks Mom. Then we’ll
donate the table and chair since we don’t have room and Dino prefers to watch TV from
his bed anyway.

couch and tableUPDATE….after I organized this post…My parents bought him a table and chair set.
Dino LOVES it.

starsPNG usmap11PNG

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  1. Oh look at Dino and his new table. He is really just too cute!! And love your organizing. I try my best with my girls, but there stuff no matter how organized always ends up all over the place!! Got to love kids and how they play with their toys!!

  2. You are so good woman. Phew! I am totally inept on organization. I just hate spending the time doing it. It takes so much time and thought. I just don’t have the time to get organized, seriously!

    You have done a great job – and spending so little money. You go girl!

    That table/chair set is adorable.

  3. Sounds like you’ve been very productive lately. 🙂

    If my husband puts his crap on my dresser, I absolutely flip out. I will just throw his stuff away, lol.

  4. You have been busy! A new blog interface and an organized home. Please come to my house! LOL. I always pasted pictures of toys on the front of bins for my kindergarten students. It made clean-up so much easier. You need to write a book!

  5. WOW!! I love to *think* about organization…and even *plan* out all the organizational things I will do, but I’m shaky on the follow through. NOT YOU! You’ve got it going on!! Well done!! Woot!! –Lisa

  6. I love the idea of putting the wrapping paper in the boxes. I have three of those drawers in my room and I hate them because they are out in the open and everyone can see my half finished craft boxes. I’ll be fixing them up now. Thanks for the super idea!

    I love Dino’s new table and chairs!

    I don’t know why I say love so much…it’s just my thing. Sorry!

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