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Secret Subject Swap

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My subject is If you had to stop blogging tomorrow, what would your last post say? It was submitted by 

I can honestly say I was freaking out about this topic. I mean stop blogging…then I thought about Balboa’s blog years before we could have children and I stopped soon after Dino was born. I thought about the first blog I started as a mother….and that stopped shortly after it was started, but now I have invested so many memories, stories, and pictures about raising a wild dinosaur….I CAN NEVER STOP….EVER.

I tried to think of some funny posts….

  • me writing a letter to Dino on his wedding day, but that just made me cry hysterically.

  • being invaded by zombies and writing a farewell post before my brains are eaten, but I just cried worrying about Dino.

  • the super conservative, repressed, and book burners of the world finally got their way and shut down the internet, I started to cry knowing I would never be able to blog again….after I upload the dirtiest photos and wildest curses.

  • me celebrating my 100th birthday and still blogging about Dinosaur’s grand kids…but then I just cried harder.

Do you notice a pattern here?

What the frig was I going to write about? What would my last post be about? Then I started to think…irrational and crazy thoughts. If something happens and I can never blog again, there has to be a way for my hubby to get on all the social medias and let everyone know.

So instead of properly writing this post, I started making a super secret sheet of all my social media, usernames, and passwords. This way hubby can let everyone know what has happened. I would freak out if one of the bloggers I have come to know, appreciate, and/or love suddenly stopped all forms of blogging and communicating. I think we would all be worried.

Now I know asking my technology-inept hubby to even write a post is crazy…but I think I gave him pretty good directions and will share with someone else as well.

Do you have a person to share/inform other bloggers if something were to happen to you? Do you worry about this? Or am I just beyond loony?

So after all this crying and irrational thinking, I never really did answer the prompt…so I guess I would NEVER, EVER stop blogging if I was still able to do so.



  1. OMGOSH! That is a great idea! I never thought about what would happen if something happened to me.
    Hmm… I need to find a person that can handle that for me! LOL The Hubby would be completely lost!
    SO glad you are never going to stop!!!! 🙂

  2. {Melinda} I always think of blogging as my diary, as well as a way to encourage other moms. I love being able to look back and see my growth and journey. I’d hate not having that! If anything ever happened to me, God forbid, I know Kathy would let the masses know and would carry on beautifully. 🙂

  3. We must think alike, I’ve wondered what people would think if I suddenly disappeared. I don’t know if my family would bother taking the time to get the word out. Guess we’ve got a dinner conversation for tonight.

    Love reading you. Always.

  4. Great job with my topic, K. I can’t imagine what I’d say, either. I may just fade off like I do every week or so 🙂 I have an arrangement with my best friend and my husband about my passwords and what to shut off and erase if I were to ever die. My inbox on FB could get me in a bit of trouble..haha. I guess I shouldn’t care; if I weren’t here and all. I love that you were teary at all the possibilities. I hope you get to blog for a very long time 🙂

  5. Seriously awesome idea and you just blew my mind a bit on this. Not sure if my hubby would do this, because he already thinks I am crazy, lol!! But seriously, we do need a plan in that rare event. Great thinking Karen!! 🙂

  6. I’ve thought about this before. My kids all know my sites and passwords, so it would be up to them to spread the news that Meno Mama no longer exists….geez, it makes me too sad to even contemplate that. Okay I think I need to go write a TON of blog posts now!!!!

  7. Now you have me thinking. Maybe I should just prewrite a blog post, tweet, and facebook post for the hubs to put up in case something happened to me. My husband is an accountant and a software engineer so he’d be pretty blunt about the whole thing. LOL!

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