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Dino has come down with a stomach bug…I guess. I am fighting it off with acidophilus and lots of fluids. Poor Dino is happy one minute and suddenly filled with terror as he knows any minute he will throw up. I am not making matters any better by rushing over to and invading his space with a bucket as I wait for the inevitable. At one point he cried to not make him throw up…poor thing thought I wanted him to throw up…I hate when my normally happy, wild, energetic, and sweet boy is not feeling well.

About two weeks ago I mentioned that I was not feeling well and had a bunch of tests done…the results….I am fine?!?!?!?!?! I am lacking in some Vitamin D, but normal? Having tests tell me I’m normal when I know something is not right is scary and frustrating. I just don’t know what to do and hoping God leads me in the right direction. I am continuing to pray to Him and hoping that I am just stressed and this is His way of telling to focus more on myself to in turn be a better wife and mom.

Now onto Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Camouflaged: Okay, Balboa’s not really camouflaged…but he is trying to hide from a sick Anthony and mommy who is washing and wiping everything.

Nutty: We are all feeling a little nutty with Dino being sick…I have never washed so many sheets and towels in one day. 


Alike: How are these alike???? They are there to replenish a queasy mommy and to have in case I get sick too…which I am NOT…I have taken acidophilusto hopefully prevent any bugs.

Identical: According to Dino, each and every car and truck is the best and coolest…all the same in bringing him pleasure…but we love to sort by color and size.

Jaunt: I would so love that tiny piggy bank to be filled with $100 bills that I can use to just get away for a day…a day of massages and food service….sighs


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NO FUN BEING SICK — 16 Comments

  1. Oh so happy to hear your tests came back normal. I, too, found out I was low with my vitamin D levels right after I ha Lily and just took a supplement for it. And poor Dino. I know Emma had the stomach virus back in the spring and it was truly no fun for her or me either. I am also like you with holding the bucket under her, too. Hoping he feels better real soon and you don’t get it either.

    • I am glad they are normal but still know something isn’t right and it’s making me nervous…but maybe more time focusing on keeping myself healthy is just what I need.
      I still feeling queasy this morning…so more accidophilus this morning for me. It’s horrible when they are sick and we can’t make them feel better…just breaks my heart.

  2. I hope that your child feels better soon. I like the “alike” picture. I miss the days when our son enjoyed toys and not video games. — I hope that your piggy bank fills with enough money for your day at the spa.

    • yeah…I love the hands on toys and will cry when he starts to play on is own and not need me anymore. By the time I get to the spa I might be old and wrinkled, LOL

  3. I saw on Facebook that the two of you weren’t feeling well. I’m so sorry! I’m also sad to hear that you did not get any answers from the doctor. You know your body better than anyone, sometimes it takes more than one doctor/visit to get to the bottom of something. Be patient. Answers will come.

    I have no clue what “acidophilusto” is. I can only think of Two and a Half Men and the many mentions of acidophilus (sp?) milk.

    • I can only imagine what acidophilusto means from two and half men, LOLOLOL…It’s the good bacteria for your intestines…it’s found in yogurt, but since I can’t have dairy I take the pill form…it truly helped

      Hubby wants me to get another doctors’ opinion…but right now I just want to wait and focus on me and perhaps I just need to do that.

  4. Although I don’t buy it every week, I love unsweetened vanilla almond milk and like to use it to make hot cocoa with Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa and a few drops of a liquid natural sweetener. I’m the only one that drinks it in the house.

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