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Milk Almond milk (big container and small ones) and sometimes rice milk 

cold cuts We usually get either honey ham or smokehouse ham, maple smoked turkey, and provolone or yellow American cheese.

bread Between french toast, toast, and sandwiches…there is never enough bread. 

juice boxes normally get either jucy juice or capri sun

fruit and veggies… bananas, apples, cantaloupe, and frozen veggies

eggs and shredded cheese again with the french toast and I could eat egg-white omelets every day. 

CARBS….YUMMY rice and pasta

Cereal Cheerios or Rice Krsipies

CONDIMENTS either ketchup or barbecue sauce…always seem to be running out of these

iced tea jugs…we add just a little to our water to make it drinkable. I just can’t rink plain water…Hubby laughs at me and says I’m like that girl from the movie Signs. If it’s clear water I swear I can see all floaties (yes, I made that word up) and bugs…but a little color and I’m good to go.  I couldn’t find a good clip or pic from the movie…but here’s the trailer. Maybe one day my weird water quirk will save us from aliens? LOL


even though I rarely wear makeup, at times I will wear eyeshadow to enhance my eyes…and this shadow and liner is pretty awesome.

Here is another one of my favorites for a giveaway this summer. What is not to love about this Color Design Shadow & Liner Palette from Lancome? Enjoy:

Product Details:

Infinitely luminous.  Sensationally smooth.  All-in-one 5 shadow palette to brighten eyes.

Lancôme’s versatile, all-in-one palette conveniently creates a full eye look for day or night.

Experience the newest generation of luminosity as silky lustrous powders transparently wrap the skin, allowing a seamless layering of pure color for a silky sheen and radiant finish.

Build with absolute precision and apply the shades in 5 simple steps (all over, lid, crease, highlighter and liner) to design your customized eye look. Contour, sculpt and lift in soft day colors or intensify with dramatic evening hues for smoldering smoky effects.

The giveaway is available for both US and International entrants.

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  1. You had me cracking up about the water. I love water and seriously was so upset during both my pregnancies when I was so nauseous and acidy that I couldn’t drink water, because it made me feel worse. And we too have juice boxes to spare here!!

    • I so wanted a pic of all her water glasses and just couldn’t find one…grrrr. OH NO…babe…that must of been difficult during your pregnancies…I even sneak a few juice boxes…shhh.

  2. Too funny! My sister coined the term “floaters” once when she ordered coffee at a fast food joint in Mormon-dominated Idaho, where they didn’t usually get orders for coffee, and the guy who made the (horrible) coffee had serious acne issues. 🙂

  3. I knew we were kindred spirits! I refuse to drink tap water. I go as far as asking in restaurants if it is tap water or not! I spend a fortune in bottled water.

  4. It’s hard to like plain water. If I slip up and have something besides plain water it takes a long time for me to get back on track. Your weekly purchases sound similar to mine. Minus the juice boxes. My boys love tea!

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