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This week’s sentence is The best and worst parts of blogging…”

We went on vacation and got back yesterday, so this post is shorter than I would have liked.  Dinosaur will blog about the vacation tomorrow and I’ll give my review on Sunday…both will be positive, we LOVED it.  Sorry for my sporadic replies and comments, I will back on a regular reading schedule now that I am back home.


  • writing…just writing and releasing your thoughts
  • expressing your opinion
  • meeting awesome people just like you even if they are all from different places
  • learning about all sorts of new programs and technology
  • always having ideas running through your head
  • always being inspired and challenge to improve and create


  • never enough time to read all the blogs you want
  • never enough time to spend hours, days, weeks, just writing posts
  • time it takes to take pics, edit them and add them to posts
  • limited time to post and read while on vacation
  • when at a party all you want to do is read and write, LOL
  • always having ideas running through your head

Even though the number is similar for each, I think the pros out way the cons




  1. I totally agree with you that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I must tell you my post is similar with both areas, especially the cons being that of always having trouble finding a nice balance. And do hope you had a great vacation and thank you for still linking up with us!! 🙂

    • it was wonderful babe, amazing to see how much Dino did. I think we all feel that way, though I wish I had kept up my old blogs. I may incorporate some old posts from the blog into here…just to have them all together.

  2. Love this and completely understand. For the last few months, I’ve had more of the cons than the pros. I just had the conversation with my husband of walking away from my blog. I love to write, but have such a hard time keeping up with all of my favorite blogs. When I get behind, I start to feel guilty.
    I hope your vacation was wonderful.

    • oh no…don’t walk away babe…sniffles. I had two blogs that I walked away from and regret that…but then again you need to do what’s best for you. we had such a great time…Dino did so much on vacation, it was amazing to see.

  3. Funny that you included “always having ideas running through you head” under Pros AND Cons. That’s so true. It’s great thinking up new ideas when I’m driving home from work … not so great when I’m trying to fall asleep at night! 😉 Glad you’re enjoying your vacation.

  4. I totally agree with you on the not enough time to read thing. Especially now that I have a little one, my time spent reading blogs has become very limited!
    Bianca @

  5. oh my gosh- the time. I could not even sleep and still be struggling to read and write. it’s almost 4 am and I really need to go to bed but all I want to do is catch up on & find new blogs!
    I’m really excited to read yours & dino’s posts 😀

  6. Yes indeed! The pros do outweigh the cons, but the time factor is huge for me. I feel like blogging consumes a great portion of my time, even though I only post once a week. I’m a perfectionist, so that doesn’t help. And I love to read other blogs too! I need help to work out a good schedule in which reading and writing are well balanced.

  7. Oh the photo editing. I hate it when I get a post all ready to go and I forgot to put a watermark on the photo or that I did some sort of caption the wrong way and have to go back to the beginning. But, like you, I agree that the pros do outweigh the cons.

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