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Hubby and I LOVED it at the Rocking Horse Ranch…while it was a bit on the expensive side, all meals were included and there was an abundance of activities each day. So we feel the price was more than worth it. In addition, Dino loved it, so therefore we loved it. Dino explained why he loved it in yesterday’s post…you can read that here.

Rocking Horse Ranch

The cleaning staff did a fabulous job keeping our room clean…and our room was darn big, bigger than I expected. The bathroom did not have any mildew, grime, or stains…I was thoroughly impressed.

The staff was all helpful and courteous and next time we plan on taking advantage of the day camp so hubby and I can do our own things for a bit. I would love to go to the spa and Hubby would just love to sleep, LOL. At first I was leery of leaving Dino with strange people, but after speaking to all the day camp workers I was quite impressed with their knowledge and competence.

Pros of going on vacation with an only child:

  • Hubby and I took turns on rides/activities to give each other takes a break/breather
  • Hubby and I took turns dealing with a temper tantrum
  • Hubby and I took turns bringing Dino up to get food while the other one ate.
  • Hubby and I took turns bringing Dino to the bathroom
  • Dino didn’t have to share his parents or activities with a sibling
  • Dino would happily and easily join in with other kids on the playground as if they were long lost friends
  • Dino could do whatever activities he wanted, the schedule for the day was based on what HE  wanted.
  • Dino didn’t have to share his popcorn, drinks, snacks or food
  • Once Dino is asleep, no other kids to worry about

Cons of going on vacation with an only child:

  • Dino often relies on us for all their fun activities and play time
  • Dino would often be sad if the playground was empty 
  • Dino didn’t have a sibling to stick up for him or just keep him company

though the pros once again out weigh the cons, the cons still broke my heart at times. Perhaps when Dino is older (like in middle school) we can invite a friend along on vacation. Of course, he may prefer having his own vacations. We’ll have to see how he feels about it when he’s older. 


Cool Colors: the lake does look cool and refreshing…but I was also freaked out that Dino would tip over…luckily Hubby knows what he is doing. cool colors

Leaves: Love this pic of Dino riding the horse and the leaves in the background

Iced Beverage: It was supposed to hold a cool beverage, but instead they use it for holding popcorn….free popcorn for everyone at the resort.


iced beverage
Cooling Off: After running up and down the hill about twenty times, Dino decided to chill out and cool off

cooling off
Raw: It was amazing to watch the horses leave the barn, cross the road, and go back to their fields at night…but the smell of horses and the poop trail they left was like raw sewage, lolraw





  1. Looks like a very fun adventurous vacation. I had a friend who had an only son and often they would bring a friend for some vacations and it would be just the 3 of them on others. Depending upon the price of the vacation. Also, it could be fun to go away with another family who has children your son’s age. Either way, great scavenger hunt.

  2. Seriously looked like a wonderful vacation and I have the opposites with the pros and cons with two. But loved hearing the opposite end of the spectrum and getting your take here!!

  3. Many times, the kids rely on me for their entertainment – so I don’t think that’s really unique to having an old child. Just telling you so you don’t go out and have another kid, and then are surprised by that fact.


    Probably has something to do with how I raised them though.

    I am so glad that you had a wonderful time! It’s so nice to vacation in comfort. Maybe a little added extra expense is worth it!

    Welcome back!

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