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Finish the Sentence Friday

This week’s sentence is My bucket list includes…”

Okay a little game with this post…

Which three did I put in for fun and would NEVER try?

….answer will be revealed next tomorrow, hee hee

1. I want to visit Italy with my hubby.

2. Learn how to change a tire.

3. Get a tattoo of Dinosaur’s birthday on my shoulder.

4. Learn Italian so that if I ever go to Italy I will understand some of the language.

5. Go sky diving from a plane.

6. Crochet a poncho for myself and all of Dino’s hats and fall jackets…at least for a few years.

7. Eat more (not ALL) vegetarian meals and even buy organic foods if I can afford to do so.

8. Go for laser hair removal, you ladies know what I’m talking about right?

9. Travel to every state in the US and get a picture participating/next to what that state is known for.

10. Buy Dino an iPad, that will be all his.

11. Swim with the dolphins.

12. Win the lottery and buy a house with three bedrooms, and eat-in-kitchen, and a pool.

13.Watch Dino graduate with honors from college.

14. Dance with Dino at his wedding….and hold his MANY children…

15. Have Jackson Rathbone serenade me while I get a full-body massage.

16. Learn Karate…that would be cool

17. Learn how to pole dance.

18. Get to my ideal weight and still LOVE to eat.

19. Just once ride on a roller coaster with hubby

20. Run a marathon.

Can you guess which three I would NEVER do?

Next week’s sentence is ”I have a bad habit of…


Mommy’s Bucket List — 35 Comments

  1. For me it would be the tattoo and just not a huge fan of needles, so not sure I could ever actually do it myself. But if it isn’t that, maybe the sky diving. so not sure though and can’t wait to find out which it is now!!! Thanks for linking with us again and seriously loved how you went about it, because I just can’t wait to find out which you threw in there to throw us off!! 🙂

  2. What a great list!! I bought “teach yourself Italian” tapes years ago that are still in the shrink wrap in my attic. It is my dream to go to Italy! I LOVE the state picture one! That would be SO COOL!!

    Okay, now for the fake items. I know FOR A FACT that #15 is totally real, so I’m excluding that one from consideration completely….

    I think two of the three fake items on your bucket list are….. sky diving from a plane and running a marathon. I picked those because those are two I’d never do! I think the last fake one is maybe tricky so we’d never think it was false. I think it’s swimming with the dolphins because you have a fear of marine mammals. I can’t wait to see how I did!! –Lisa

    Ps. Maybe I should change out the dolphins for the pole dancing. NOPE! I’m sticking with my answers!

  3. Love the list, so versatile! Of all the languages I’ve learned at some point, Italian wan’t among them, but I bet with my bits and pieces of French, Spanish, and Latin I’d get around somehow.. I have Italy on my list as well, Rome to be exact. Planned on going there for our honeymoon, but the Army had other plans for hubby back then.. Luckily, Rome is the eternal city..

  4. Let’s see how similar we are because I’ll answer like me. The three you’d (I) would never do are…

    Change a tire. It’s called AAA.
    Laser hair removal. That just sounds too painful.
    Run a marathon. Half is good enough for Mr.

    Who is Jackson Rathbone?

    • oh Jackson Rathbone is one of the vamps from Twilight, the HOT and bad vamp…the super hot musician, actor, and producer in real life…dating a tatted up and hot woman and has a super cute kid. I swear I dream about him…UNF.

      Good guesses, we shall see.

  5. I just now found your blog, so this is a serious guess in the dark… skydive and marathon. I did a mommy’s summer bucket list (so I had a deadline other than my own demise I guess). And it’s been fun crossing them off. Good luck!

  6. If you ride that rollercoaster just one time, you might well become addicted. 😉

    P.S. you’re much nicer about the broken ceiling fan than I was (ours was broken by kids jumping on the bed and hitting it w/a child’s head!!! -_- ). Gotta love kids, they keep it interesting. 😉

    I’m here today from Super Sunday Sync and I”m already following w/Pinterest, FB, G+, etc. and now Bloglovin’ too. 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

    • I would ONLY ride it if Jackson Rathbone was sitting next to me, serenading, and rubbing my back. Thanks for all the follows, going to do the same babe.

  7. Love your list! I want to learn how to change a tire myself, too. Just in case I’m ever out alone and need to do this. Because I drive alone with my daughter a lot! And swim with dolphins. I’d never get a tattoo though…I just don’t like needles!

    Thanks for being a guest host with us at the Super Sunday Sync this week 🙂 I hope you’re having fun with it and gaining some followers! Happy Sunday!

    • OMG..I am scared of needles too, but love tats…UNF… Perhaps next summer when I’m not tutoring I can get a tattoo and have time to heal, LOL

      thanks so much for allowing me to guest host…you ladies rock

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