Before I tell you my story, mommy wanted to share the three things she would NEVER do from yesterday’s post.

Mommy would NEVER go sky diving from a plane she is too scared of heights. She told me that when she was fourteen her mommy and daddy (La La and Pop Pop) made her climb to crown of Statue of Liberty. She said it made her fear of heights worse.

Mommy would NEVER swim with the dolphins She is too scared of sharks and other sea creatures lurking in the dark ocean eating her up…I would love to swim with dolphins though. I’m braver than mommy.

Mommy would NEVER  ride on a roller coaster .Mommy would never go on a ride that goes up in the air and moves around fast. She said that she would have to be drugged and after she got off she would hurt those who put her on the ride. 

Some of you guessed wrong…but Mommy wanted me to explain…she wants to learn how to change a tire just in case she ever got stuck and had no help. She REALLY wants a tattoo and swears one day she will get it. Mommy is getting better at crocheting and makes cool scarves and hats. I don’t know what laser hair removal is, but Mommy said if she had the money she would she would and happily throw out her razors and wax.  She loves to dance and really wants to pole dance for exercise…she is so weird. Once mommy gets into better shape and feels better, she would LOVE to run a marathon.

Most of you KNEW that Mommy would love to be serenaded by Jackson Rathbone, she is crazy.

Did you guess correctly? 


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I have some thing to admit…

I broke the standing fan in the living room by stabbing it with my sword. It’s not my fault though, mommy and daddy should only have things that can’t be broken in the house. It’s almost like they wanted me to break it. Mommy got a new one, I’ll wait the proper amount of time before I break that one.

I keep climbing on the table and jumping on the couch. If they didn’t want me jumping on the couch they shouldn’t have it in the house and make it so much fun.

I keep slamming the toilet bowl seat and cover, but I can’t help it. I have HUGE muscles and am a strong dinosaur. What do they expect?

I shove food in my mouth and they tell me to slow down. They don’t realize I CAN’T…the faster I eat the more time I have for playing. Don’t they understand that? If they don’t stop telling me how to eat, I will eat so slow, it’ll be bedtime before I finish.

I am super cute, give lots of love, hugs, and kisses…but you all knew that already.

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Karen is married to a big kid and mom to a head strong, only child. She is happy with her family of three, along with their spoiled fur baby. Karen works full time as a teacher and still finds time to blog, read, crochet, and cook. Follow along as she enjoys this life.



  1. Seriously too cute and yes my girls are master at breaking things and slamming the toilet bowl cover seat, as well as climbing on everything they can, too!! And yay I had one of two right yesterday with knowing you would sky dive!! Hope you are nejoying your weekend now, Karen!! 🙂

    • I know I’m a crazy and hard nut to crack *giggles* I think when Dino has his own place I am going to “accidentally break things and slam the toilet seat cover all the time.

  2. I wish I’d thought to not have anything breakable in my house when my kids were little. It would have save us all a lot of heartache. What a wise young man.

    Happy Sharefest. Have a great weekend.

  3. Ugh! I only got one right.

    LOL I really like Dino’s story this week. What’s the appropriate amount of time before the next fan gets broken?

  4. I remember broken things when my son and daughter were small. Lots of them. I guess it’s part of the rules as a kid to tear stuff up. Oh well, I only have myself to blame for broken things now. This was a cute story. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    • OMG I would let Jackson Rathbone serenade me while I did ANYTHING…UNF…LOL… I would love a tat but keep waiting for the right moment…maybe next summer when I am not teaching or tutoring.

  5. Please tell your mommy I would never jump from a plane, either. My husband did once, and I thought he was nuts! Pole dancing for exercise sounds fun! I’m pretty sure my kids would take over the pole, though, and I’d never get to use it.

    Yes, the couch is fun for jumping on here, too. I mean, why walk on the floor when you can walk on the couch and then the chairs and tables? Right??

    • OMG…he was nuts, LOL. I think Dino would take over the pole too or try to knock it down somehow. I am slowly getting used to the couches not being for sitting on but rather jungle gyms, LOL

  6. This post certainly made me smile Karen! You have an adorable son. I am also afraid of heights and sharks. I love dolphins although I can’t swim so would not be able to swim with one!:) Speaking of dolphins, reminds me of the popular television show ‘Flipper’ that I enjoyed so much.

  7. I got 2 out of 3!! That’s not bad!! I had marathon running when I should have had roller coaster….but I got the dolphin and sky diving. I’m impressed with myself!

    And the fan? Yep. Totally mommy’s fault. If she didn’t want the sword to go in the fan she shouldn’t have put a fan there, right?! You’ve got to pace yourself with the new one. Wait until she thinks it’s safe, then strike it down!! Team Dino!! –Lisa

    • Good job Lisa, I really hope I get to at least half those things on my list. Great encourage the dinosaur, LOL *WINKW* LOVE it though…TEAM DINO…I may have to use that on Saturdays…credit to Lisa at The Dose Girls…

    • OMG…I woud have vomited too babe. I went scuba diving on a family vacation when I was 18 I think…it was horrible…I almost fainted as I raced back to the dock.

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