Super Sunday Sync

Hello everyone…Today I am guest hosting with Super Sunday Sync…I am so excited!!!! WOOOHOO.


Welcome to Super Sunday Sync #47!
Do you know who ROSEY is?  She’s out new permanent host of the Super Sunday Sync!  We are SO excited to welcome her to our mix.  Rosey has linked up with #SSShop fro the beginning…I mean the B-E-G-I-N-N-I-N-G.
Let’s give a warm welcome to our wonderful Guest-Hosts this week:
Dinosaur Superhero Mommy
and out WINNER from last week is Judy from Judy H-J’s Thoughts

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Super Sunday Sync


Super Sunday Sync

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Body Part my son resting his head on my lap…so sweet, I know one day this will all end.
Wednesday  a ruined dinner…while it looked tasty and healthy (turkey sausage and veggies) I left it in the oven too long and stupidly added too much seasoning and it was too salty…YUCK

Music Dino’s musical puppy from when he was a newborn…sniffles…boy this brings back memories. He still sleeps/plays with it. I will have to baggie this and keep it always…more sniffles.


Guess What It Is??????????? Just realized that it happens to be my two favorite colors.

Mirror Image Who does Dino look like? Me? Hubby? Both? Neither?



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  1. So happy to see you co-hosting over at the Sunday Super Sync, which is one of my favorite linkups. And I think Dino looks like both of you (I totally a mixture here for some reason). And have no clue what that is a picture of, but can’t wait to find out now!! Happy Sunday, Karen 🙂

  2. When it comes to sharks, swimming with dolphins is the best place to be. A school of dolphins will attack a shark and win, just so you know!

    I think he looks like both of you. Your guess photo is either coffee with milk in a blue mug.

  3. Love your scavenger Hunt! I was going to guess at your “guess what?” picture, but someone beat me to it! Love the look of that picture, though! My kids also have little lovies from when they were babies. They are little bears that have been nearly loved to bits!

    • thanks…I was trying to get his hand in mine, but then he just laid his head on my lap, it was perfect. The coffee was another moment of inspiration…thanks babe. 🙂

    • Sometimes he makes a face and looks like hubby, other times so like my dad. I like the goya seasoning because it adds flavor…but I must have double seasoned and didn’t realize it…boy it was just nasty. blah.

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