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  @lilahbility suggested this week’s list…Things that are completely impractical.

Okay, I just couldn’t think of anything…even though I know I could name a million items every day. So I asked hubby for his ideas for this list. He not only gave me a list he even added reasons why. I wish I had taped him as he went through it and explained the reasons why…he got angrier with each item, LOL


pocket watch between wrist watches and cell phones, who needs them

empty baskets annoys him to no end

expensive coffee machine with our percolator who needs the fancy stuff

cassette player/CD player we all use iPod now

tube TV takes up way too much space

camera now that we all have cameras in our phones

cotton hoodie no protection from the rain, rather have a cotton lining with a polyester shell

designer clocks with no numbers want to break them

grandfather clock waste of space

EVERY “As seen on TV product” otherwise known as fancy junk




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  1. My husband is the opposite with the camera and get so annoyed sometimes if I use my iPhone, when he knows he bought me my Canon camera for Mother’s Day. Always interesting to get their perspectives though and so many times we just have to agree to disagree!!

  2. Great list… he sure has a thing with time keepers, huh? LOL. The way he feels about cameras, I feel about electronic gadgets in general. It’s like a smartphone takes care of a lot of the things we buy on the side.

    Also, I have one of those expensive coffee machines, and it is currently collecting dust right now.

    Happy Listicle Monday!

  3. Sounds like your husband has something against time itself. 🙂

    Your husband would be quite frustrated at our house. Not only do we have CD players (which are used regularly) we still have and use a VCR on a tube TV. Ha!

    • Yeah Lisa, hubby is a character. I tried to get him to participate for this Monday…but he kept sending me funny things he found without the source. I tried to explain that I can’t post anything without a source, but he didn’t get it…poor man, LOL

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