Mommy’s Meals #3


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Turkey kielbasa, rice and beans, veggies, and salad:
  • Kielbasa sauteed in cast iron skillet
  • veggies sauteed in juices left over from kielbasa
  • Zatarins rice and beans mix
  • salad kit…though added the dressing after the pic…used only a little dressing.

salad big dish

Dino…Ate ALL the carrots, kielbasa (even asked for more thinking it was a hot dog), and
had 1 1/2 green beans

Hubby…was too stuffed to eat…maybe he’ll eat it later…he’s just as picky as Dino.

Mommy…I LOVED It…As you can see from my plate I gave myself smaller portions in an attempt to eat healthier. After I finished my dinner, I had more salad with dressing on the side.



Question for all you mommies out there….Do you pack lunches for school/daycare OR buy school at lunch? I know it might be easier in fall (when I return to work full time to just buy lunches) 

Sometimes I give him hummus and crackers/ carrots, cold cut sandwich, or cheese and crackers…but it gets boring since he is a picky eater and often doesn’t eat what I give him. I provide him fruits, veggie sticks, pretzels, goldfish crackers, crackers/cheese, and hummus as snacks.

I know it saves money, but I feel I am buying more just to make lunch. I rather provide Dino with healthy snacks for school and buy him the lunch at daycare. They provide (pizza, chicken fingers with broccoli, macaroni with butter, baked zitit, mac and cheese, or grilled cheese) Usually he likes the chicken fingers, pizza, and buttered macaroni.


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  1. My kids only go for 2 1/2 hours a day and because I am home with them, i give them lunch beforehand, but they do love chicken fingers and pizza occasionally. So, I think those two at the very least may work. Oh and your meal looked yummy. thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    • that’s smart Ashley. I know in Sep he will be at daycare every day and I don’t want to spoil him. I guess frozen kids meals on sale wouldn’t be so bad either.

  2. My daughter won’t buy lunch, so she brings one everyday. I let my son buy one of two times a week. He eats healthier if I pack one for him, though – so buying lunch is a treat.

    • I guess it gets a bit easier as they older, or not? I have so many years of lunch packing ahead of me…grrr, LOL I should try to find some creative ideas though.

  3. I never packed my kids a lunch, I always bought whatever they had. My boys would eat anything, my daughter not so much.

    I have to say that I thought this looked delish. Yum!

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