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My subject is If you could magically have a skill that you don’t currently have, what would it be and why?  It was submitted by    I LOVE getting the email prompts from Karen…but when I saw it was HER prompt…OMG I was in my glory…It was like getting a visit from Jackson Rathbone.

sss collageWhen I first got this prompt I immediately thought of two VERY naughty skills I would like…but knew I had to keep this clean…but the fun I would have had making a naughty post, LOL 

If only I could carry a tune…be able to break out into a full on songstress anywhere and anytime. YUP! Right now I can’t carry a tune…when Dino was an infant and toddler…he thought I had the best voice…now not so much. He has told me to stop singing and I can’t sing…*hmphs*

If only I could play an instrument….break out a drum set and go to town pounding and tapping away, pop out a guitar and start strumming, or even get out a cello and make fine music…but sadly I would probably not only destroy the instruments, I would thoroughly embarrass myself.

If only I could have mad ninja skills….whenever I wanted. Yes I said it and I am not taking it back. I want to race in and out of traffic, get to the store, fly through the isles, purchase my products, load them in the car, sneak in the house, put them away and sneak back out to Starbucks without anybody knowing what I just did. Normally I hate Starbucks by my DIVA in crime Kit introduced to me to peppermint mocha with soy milk and I am done for. Or better yet walk around our apartment without waking up or alerting Balboa or Anthony. Imagine being able to drink coffee on the couch while listening to a book on CD and crocheting. I’d be so quiet…you wouldn’t even know I was there.

If only I could speak fluent Italian…WHY? BECAUSE I WANT TO THAT’S WHY! I’m Italian and I want to speak it…Well I know a curse or two…but that’s not too helpful, is it? NOPE.

If only I could cook Italian Cuisine…Pasta Carbonara, Panzella Salad with Olive and Artichokes, Spaghetti with Clams and MusclesGrilled Sicilian Swordfish, Grilled OctopusStrawberry Tiramisu, Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes with Chocolate Crust.  Of course I would need a kick a** kitchen…but that is on my bucket list…which you can read here.   

Starting next Thursday I’ll be hosting an organization blog hop. No worries about being super organized to join…if that was the case, my blog would implode. Beginning, current, achieved, or failed organizations all invited. Both current or old posts encouraged…so come on  by.

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Karen is married to a big kid and mom to a head strong, only child. She is happy with her family of three, along with their spoiled fur baby. Karen works full time as a teacher and still finds time to blog, read, crochet, and cook. Follow along as she enjoys this life.



  1. I think I would have to go for the same things. Goodness knows I’ve TRIED to sing… TRIED to play the piano… I won’t even go there on the ninja skills…. LOL 😉
    LOVE what you did with this prompt!!! 😀

  2. Yeah, I think I’m with you on the singing. I’m awful and the ManChild is starting to catch on. “No, no mommy. You don’t sing.” Meh.

  3. I’m interested in the naughty version, now!! Haha. I understand the singing and playing an instrument too. What I loved most about the post is that you would use your ninja skills to pick up coffee. You rock. xox

    • LOLOL…I told Karen I might email her the naughty version…but it might be too naughty for both your eyes, LOL.

      I know…a coffee…sad that is what I would get,right?

  4. I want mad ninja skills!
    I’ll have to look into two for one coupons to ninja school or maybe some voice lesson too.
    I can’t sing a lick.
    Great list!

  5. This is FUN!!! I have always, ALWAYS wanted to learn Italian! It’s so beautiful!! I wouldn’t mind being able to whip out some ninja moves at a moment’s notice, now that you mention it. But…you can’t just tease us about the naughty ones and then change the subject!! Now we’re all intrigued. UNFAIR!!! —

  6. I can sympathise with wanting so many skills. I try picking up a guitar but all I get is slow painful strumming that sounds nothing like what my little sister can make the blasted instrument do. And I also wish I could speak Italian, mostly because my daughter’s other grandmother is Italian, and when we go to visit I’d love to know if she’s saying stuff about me while I’m sitting next to her only because I can’t understand what she’s saying… No not really, I’d just love to be able to speak to the multitude of guests she has over whose grasp of the English language just isn’t as strong as their grasp of Italian. Plus I’d love to teach my daughter to speak it too. And I just think being multilingual would be freaking awesome.

  7. I would love to have musical talent, too! I took piano lessons for years, but, obviously, I am not musically “inclined.” I would like to be multi-lingial, too. That would be so cool ad I could probably get a pretty sweet work from home job! 🙂

  8. LOVE this post! If you start cooking all that Italian food, you’d better set an extra place at the dinner table for me….

  9. I so understand the musical thing. I so love music and in another life may have been Joan Jett or someone like her. However, no musical talents to speak of. My two oldest children are very musically gifted. My daughter is a singer and my son can rock just about anything. In high school he was one of the top rated percussionist in the state. His first year of college was paid for via music scholarship.

    I’d be like Jeanie. Just fold my arms, nod my head, and it’s done.

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