PicMonkey CollageFinish the Sentence FridayThis week’s sentence is I used to love..”

I used to love sitting on the porch on cool summer nights, sipping sangria and listening to nature. ~~~~> But now I love sipping water on the porch and watching Dino play


I used to love sleeping through the night, waking up when I wanted, drinking coffee and making breakfast and eating it on my own. ~~~~> But now I love hearing “mommy” and getting a big hug and kiss each morning. 


I used to love not having to share my food or eat only after getting everyone’s food ready. ~~~~> But now I love when Dino loves the meals I make and knowing how much everyone really does need me.


I used to love leaving the house without bringing a bag full of “just in-case” items. ~~~~> But now I love knowing I can always be prepared for any situation.


I used to love not having to worry about everything danger and evil out there. ~~~~> But now I love having a child TO worry about. 


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  1. Motherhood changes your perspective so much, doesn’t it?! And never fear, when your children get older you get to sleep in again in the morning (at least when it’s not a school day!) It’s like the best of both worlds! 😀

  2. Awwww! Yes, I agree about so many of those, especially the morning wake-up to “mommy?’ and then just complete joy when you see their little faces for the first time each day! Great way to start a Friday!

    • yes, no matter how tired I am seeing DIno’s face makes it all worth it. all the temper tantrums and not listening from the day before are all gone.

  3. I know becoming a mother changes everything and as much as I use sarcasm sometimes about it, I too wouldn’t change a minute of it. Thanks as always Karen for linking up with us!! 🙂

    • totally agree and we NEED to joke and be sarcastic Janine or we would lose our minds. No one enjoys motherhood 100% of the time…it’s a tough job. Laughing and complaining makes us better moms.

      I so love linking up with FTSF…it’s creative and always so different. I like that I can write a book or just a paragraph and every visits each others blogs…which is wonderful.

  4. Your making me cry! These are all the things I miss! If you suddenly see my grandkids popping up on every post it’s because I’ve taken them so I can do these things again. 🙂

    • I know my parents are making the most of DIno, he is their first grandkid and will be the only for still while, and while they can do things with him.

      I am going to miss each and every one of these moments…

  5. Aw, Karen! This is so perfect. I love that you took past loves and made them what they are today – which is so much better because of your love for Dino and being a mom. *sniffle* Beautiful!!

    • I do too Stephanie…my friend just had a baby…and I feel for her…she can’t sleep at all…I had to tell her the truth…it never really ends…poor thing.

  6. Wow, the grass is really greener in your yard! Mine is all brown and crunchy. We kind of made the same list of things we used to love, but yours are so thoughtful, caring and loving. Well, the Grinch did end up being friends with little Cindy Lou so maybe we can be friends too. What was it about preparing meals for your child that you liked again?

    • LOLOLOL…you crack me up Lisa. I am not normally that cheery and happy, but I try to look at the positive side…when I get too negative I remind myself that it took me six years to be a mom.

      Grinch…Cindy Lou…OMG…too funny. I do like to cook…when they eat it and love it…makes my day! Other times I just pray he’ll eat it and shut up, LOL

  7. Sniff, I love your perspective and sweet new loves. I so identify with kisses and hugs. Now she is 10 and too cool tween, but she still loves snuggling and tickling. I love cooking again. Finding all these recipe blogs actually helped me come up with a menu for the week.

  8. Love it! Mine is 2, so I am definitely at the “take a breath” and remember you love him stage. And he gets up at 5 a.m. Every day. For 2 years. Except when he got up even earlier.

    • OMG…that was Dino for 2 years…just now he is sleeping till 6 with LOTS of bribes. I hope he stays asleep till 6 when I go back to work, would make my morning routine easier.

  9. Oh wow! I never missed all those things I traded off to have children. And now my youngest is leaving for college in 3 days. So now, I will be remembering how I used to love doing all the things I did for him. I am going to miss being a mommy. I know I will always be a mom, but being a mommy is taking care of them daily. He stills tells me he loves me several times a day. I will miss that when he is away.

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