CollageLast week I posted about starting Team Dino…and so many of you want to be just like me, a cool dinosaur. Then I found another dinosaur with a blogging mommy, just like me. That’s right, TWO DINOSAURS. Being a dinosaur makes him automatically part of Team Dino! Go check out the other Dino… http://www.dinomama.com/

Mommy helped me line up all my dinosaur’s in a circle and helped me get in the middle. I asked mommy to help me match the my dinosaurs to the ones in books. I want to know there real names.

I look just like a dinosaur, right? 


 Trying to keep my dinosaur’s from falling over.


I think they keep moving on purpose.


That’s better.


Which dinosaur is your favorite?


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    • I know Dino would eat that cuteness up and take it for all it’s worth. We went to Splash Down Beach, a local water/amusement park today with my sister and BIL..I’m flipping exhausted.

    • I know right…more dinos…wooohooo! Oh boy, he would sit you down and talk to you forever about each dinosaur after making you read his dinosaur books.

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