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Yup changing my Sunday format again…think it’s best just to do a roundup and silly photos on Sundays. It’s going to get hectic with September approaching. I think doing silly photos and a round up will still allow me time to post on Sundays but not be too overwhelming. 

Dino dressed me up and had me take a pic of us…he thought I looked good.

silly momThis is what I deal with whenever I use the bathroom

silly dino

Dinosaur dancing in undies with a bucket on his head…in our house that IS normal. dancingBalboa liking his lips for more peanut butter in his chew chew (bone).

lickingBalboa standing in front of the camera, demanding both treats and butt rubs, but refusing
to look at me.


The Golden Sideboob

What a boobtastic, boobawsome, booaliscious award, right? Boobies rule! They give nourishment and look great. I was never able to breast feed, but irks me when moms who do get grief for doing it in public. A woman can walk around, her boobs almost falling out, nipples almost showing, or headlights on full blast and that is not only hot, but okay. But when a mom feeds her baby, the way nature intended, it’s the most disgusting and embarrassing thing?

Seriously people…GET A GRIP.

Anyway this awesome award was given to me by Janine from

Janine's Confessions of A Mommyaholic

Of course I feel like a boob, because I didn’t see it until now…yup…my brain is mushed up. For this award you must thank the person who nominated you…THANK YOU JANINE FOR MY AWESOME GOLDEN SIDEBOOB AWARD! The second thing is to nominate another person who will appreciate getting the award…well…who would love getting boobies…hmmm. I wish I could nominate all of you…but that would be a long list. So I am nominating…

Lisa from The Squishable Baby

Karen from Baking in a Tornado

Carla from Real Into


eyes Collage  On Monday I participated in Listicles: 10 Ridiculous Things I Saw Online. NEXT MONDAY Both Hubby and I are listing our 10 Favorite Meals. Do you think they’ll be similar?

meal4 Collage   On Tuesday I posted another one of my meals-Italian Bread Pizza. NEXT TUESDAY I’ll post about another meal…Who hated it? Who loved it? Who only ate the sausage?

Collage  On Wednesday I posted pics of Dinosaur being silly. NEXT WEDNESDAY I’ll post pics of Dino playing with his toys in his closet.

oganization button  On Thursday I posted my first blog hop – Let’s Get Organized…NEXT THURSDAY I’ll have a guest host and talk about organizing fridges and blog posts. How do you organize either one or both?

PicMonkey Collage   On Friday I participated in Finish the Sentence Friday. NEXT FRIDAY I’ll finish the sentence “I wasn’t really myself when I…”

Collage    On Saturday I posted Dinosaur’s Story of dinosaurs everywhere. NEXT SATURDAY Dinosaur will talk about our walk over the Hudson River and how I freaked out a few times.



  1. Love the new Sunday format and think it is such a great idea. The silly photos definitely put a smile on my face. Seriously Dino and Balboa are too cute. And I love how you described the award. I am so happy to have been able to pass onto you and seriously love you, Karen!!! Oh and congrats to all you nominated. Really great choices, too!! 🙂

    • *sniffles* seeing your comments every morning just makes my day Janine…going to miss reading it first thing in the morning when school starts…will have to keep checking at work, LOL. You rock and I love you back babe…you are so positive and empowering.

  2. Now I’ve gotten some interesting gifts in my life, but I have to admit I’ve never gotten a side boob. Thank you Karen, you make life interesting.

    • Is that a good thing or a bad thing Karen? LOL… My hubby says the same thing, but I don’t think he means the same thing as you….*crazy laugh*

  3. Congrats on the award. 🙂 The normal in your house looks a lot like the normal in our house. 🙂

    Happy Sunday!!! And those are two awesome hops you’ve got featured. 🙂

  4. Hahahahaha! Everything about your post and the comments made me laugh. Haha! Thanks for the smile!

    First, Dino dressing you up – was hilarious. Hahah!

    Second, the sideboob. I couldn’t be more honored. In fact, i think I have the most perfect place to post this. Haha!

    Sorry, but Bakinginatomato’s comment made me laugh. Hahaha!

    I am going to display my sideboob very happily! Thank you so much Karen!

    • I am so glad you love it…it’s an awesome award, right? I don’t think I ever wrote about so many body parts before in one post, LOL. Dino has great taste, right?

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