Hi everyone, time for my story again. If you know my mommy, then you know that she is terrified of heights. So when Daddy planned to take us to the Walkway over the Hudson, Mommy didn’t really know what she was getting herself into.

Mommy was shaking most of the time or stopping to hold onto Daddy to make sure she didn’t fall off…I think she was over reacting a bit…there was no way to fall off. Besides it was so cool to be that high up and see the clouds up close. The trees, houses, cars, and trains all looked so tiny under us. CAM05412 CAM05410 CAM05394 CAM05393 CAM05390 CAM05388 CAM05382 CAM05380

Thankfully Mommy brought my stroller, I could never have walked both ways on that bridge…it was a LONG walk and I got tired really fast.

After we walked back, we sat in the shade and had lunch…it was cool watching everyone walk on and off the bridge. Then after lunch I got to ride my bike in the shade on a path before the bridge. I had to watch out for all the people, but it was super cool.

CAM05406 CAM05405 CAM05404


CAM05421 CAM05420 CAM05419 CAM05418

I want to to it again, but maybe on a day that’s not so hot.

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  1. This looked amazing, but will tell you that I too am afraid of heights so yes I probably would have been a bit nervous being that high, too. But truly looked like Dino had a blast and think that is what is all about in the end!! 🙂

    • OMG Janine…I kept shaking and had to hold still to take pics. Every time Dino looked at me I pretend I was fine, but when he looked forward I shook harder…

  2. What a fun adventure! My oldest son is a little afraid of heights. Every once in a while we do this obstacle course in the trees and he and I stick to the lower heights…the younger kids are climbing above us! Beautiful pics!

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