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Table for 7Tuesday Tastings

Grilled chicken, cheesy potatoes, hot dogs…OH MY


Hubby was in caveman mode as he grilled….wish I had gotten a picture of that, next time I will.

  • thin sliced, skinless, boneless chicken breasts (marinated in goya seasoning)
  • hot dogs




  • I washed, cut, and marinated small red potatoes in goya and table mix seasoning
  • baked in the oven at 350 for about thirty minutes
  • when done, I let them cool off on stove top and sprinkled shredded mozzarella cheese on top


It was a BIG hit…EVERYONE ate their dinner…

Don’t let Balboa’s sad and hungry face fool you. He eats well around here. He gets not only dog food, but a little bit of hot dog, chicken, and potato. He would eat till his tiny stomach explodes.CAM05782


MOMMY’S MEAL #6 — 14 Comments

    • It was heavenly Janine…OMG…I could eat just the potatoes…so good. I like making meals that I can substitute ingredients and it still comes out great.

    • Goya is the best…it’s neither sweet nor spicy. It just has LOTS of flavors…I also use various McCormick and Mrs Dash mixed seasoings. I have a few…and like to mix it up. Some come with extra pepper, others no salt…the flavors pop and make mac and cheese taste different each time.

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