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What’s on my fridge doors?

Well, I have to warn you that with an old apartment, we have a VERY old fridge…the dirt stains are really just bangs from years of use.

topOn the top we have

  1. salary letter from my job…holding onto it until I get my first check….love being back full time
  2. the bill from Balboa’s vet this way we have their phone number and address
  3. expiration dates for our water filter and Nemo’s filter
  4. list of items in our other freezer
  5. Dino’s laminated schedule…this way he knows what is going on each day of the week. The weekend is in blue to separate it from the work week.


On the bottom we have….

  1. magnet of foods Balboa can and can’t eat…more for others than us
  2. Dino’s class picture from two years ago…last year he wasn’t there on the day they did pics…now being at daycare full time he will be there for this years pic! WOOOHOOO
  3. drawing Dino make in daycare – all the monsters he’s playing with
  4. drawing Dino made in daycare – “My Daddy is strong and scares away all the monsters” apparently these are the bad monsters.
  5. Walgreens magnet – where we go for our prescriptions
  6. Magnet favor from Dino’s Christening
  7. Emergency hotline for animals…too far away to use, but Dino likes it.
  8. Bottle opener magnet – I had tons of nice animal and letter magnets…but Dino has either destroyed them or made them disappear without a trace.
  9. Dry erase drawings from Dino…I do need to clean them up…but as soon as I do he’ll run over and scream to draw them again.


In our condo we used to keep received Christmas Cards on our fridge, since this fridge is too small we use the basement door.

What’s on your fridge?



Five things (Old School Blogging)

I was tagged by the wonderful Searching for Sanity to post FIVE THINGS (Old School Blogging). I’ve always seen these and wondered how I would answer…and now I can. So thank you for tagging me!!!! 

 5 Things I Have a Passion For

1. my son Dino
3. Listening to books on CD…so addicting, can’t stop reading
4. blogging
5. cooking

5 Things I’d Like to Do Before I Die

1. Watch Dino become an awesome dad…when he is old enough and ready…because he WILL know better.

2. Visit Italy with my hubby
3. Own a house
4. Visit every state in the US
5. Run a marathon

 5 Things I Say a Lot

1. FIVE….FOUR…THREE….TWO….ONE….by the time I get to one Dino runs to do what he needs to do…I have shown him that I follow through on what I say.
2. Take one bite at a time, you’re going to choke
3. Stop growling like a dinosaur/monster.
4. Did you wipe your butt? Is it just Dino…or is this every kid who forgets?
5. Go back and walk.

5 Books I’ve Read Lately

1. Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid by Dennis Leary FLIPPING AWESOME AND FUNNY- no one says it quite like Dennis.
2. Sworn to Silence (Kate Burkholder, #1) by Linda Castillo  – A Gruesome and gory book that is quite disturbing, but if you enjoy gory crime dramas…this is a great book. I can’t wait to read the next one… OF COURSE THIS JUST ADDS TO MY DISTRUST AND FEARS, LOL
3. Full House (Full Series, #1) by Janet Evanovich – It was such a great book, a mystery but after all the build up…the ending left me wanting more…I hate when that happens. It was a good read…I even read the next one in the series…but I won’t be reading the rest of the series.
4. Orchard Valley Brides By Debbie MaComber Okay this was a sappy romance…but sometimes that is just what you need. The bonus…it was two books in one.
5.A Turn in the Road (Blossom Street, #8). by Debbie MaComber The whole time I read this, I wanted to jump in the book and tell off and beat Bethanne’s MIL and daughter with a bag of rocks….they were so mean and nasty to her. I just wanted her to tell them to shut the **** up.

 5 Favorite Movies

While I can list Twilight Movies and some Jackson Rathbone movies…I’m going to list the kid movies I can tolerate without my eyes twitching.

1. The Rise of the Guardians
2. Wreck it Ralph
3. Toy Story
4. Spy Kids 3
5. Despicable Me


5 Places I’d Love to Travel to I’ve already stated that I want to see all the states…but I’ll list the states that are top on my list. Why? I don’t know…I just do.

1. Texas
2. Maine
3. Washington
4. Louisiana
5. Kentucky

 5 Blogs I’ll Tag

I didn’t want to leave any of them out….Even if you weren’t tagged come play along….

If you’ve already been tagged or don’t want to play…no worries.

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  1. Fabulous! I love Despicable Me! the kids have seen the sequel, but i haven’t.

    I also say – slow down or you will choke – to Hadyn. I’m wondering if it’s a boy thing. Sheesh. I think he inhales his food.

    Maine is really beautiful. Luv the fridge.

    • the sequel was cute… he shoves that darn food in so much that he can’t chew. I’m not taking away from him…I had to preform the Heimlich maneuver..or whatever they call it now…a few times…not recently thank God.

      Thanks babe! MWHAH

  2. I have to say that if I left Lily to her own devices, she would so color our fridge and any other surface she shouldn’t do this, too. I give you such credit, because this would have driven me quite crazy. She colored with red crayon on our white walls leading to our bedroom and I googled how to clean it immediately a few months ago. The crayons are now out of reach and only given one at a time in our presence. For some reason though I truly do love that Dino did this and that you let him. God, I so need to relax more and let stuff like this go and be more like you. And I really love that your full time pay is hanging on the fridge, because that truly is always a great thing and so happy for full-time employment for you. Thanks for sharing and so glad I tagged you on this 🙂 🙂

    • OMG Janine he drew on walls, chairs, broke furniture, broke child safety locks..all because “he wanted too” nothing was and is safe with him. I just give him boundaries now…he can do this…but only in this area…

      It drives my mom crazy that I let him jump on the beds and furniture…but what am I going to do??? I have a wild dino, LOL. I might as well join in on the fun, right? LOL
      I am so glad you tagged me babe. MWHAH

  3. My fridge is stainless and non-magnetic. There’s nothing on it. Isn’t that sad?! I’d never bought it if I’d realized that. *sob*. I love that you ask about the wiping. I’ve finally gotten to the stage where I don’t have to say that…but I ask “Did you wash your hands” ALL THE TIME!! I wonder when THAT phase will be over?! –Lisa

    • I do need a running/walking buddy, so scared to go alone…no matter how safe the town is…

      I know…the voices are annoying, especially when you like a voice and the next book in the series has the worst voice. It stinks…but after a while I just get used to it.

  4. I love your fridge! So artistic and unique 🙂 When Dino’s older you’ll be so glad you took photos of it now 🙂 I also like your old school blogging lists … such a great way to get to know another blogger a bit better!

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