New Furniture and Toys


 Some new and exciting things happening over here. First mommy is trying to get me to sleep till 6 instead of 5. She says it will make me feel better in the morning and when she goes back to work she will have more time to get ready if I am still sleeping. I think she’s pretty mean, but if I get toys from it I’m okay with that.

chartMommy bought me the batman cave. Aunt Julieann and Uncle Adam bought me the Batman jail a few weeks ago. So now I have two cool places for my people.

cavesMy people bin is full of lots of people: superheros, Scooby-Doo people, Disciple Me people, Thanksgiving figurines, robots, and other people I picked up along the way.

peopleI told mommy any superhero, Spiderman, Batman, Scooby-Doo and robots would be great prizes for my chart. What other things do you think I should ask for?

I have been using mommy’s old dresser for my clothes, but it was so old some drawers didn’t close. So when my cousin Micheal got new furniture because he is a big boy, I got his old dresser and chest. Isn’t that cool?

I went from having one old dresser to having a NEW dresser and a NEW chest. On the dresser I have my TV, batman places and people. My easel fits between the chest and dresser, great place for it, right?

dresserOn the chest I have photos, my sleep machine, and other things that I need.


What do you think of my new furniture? Do you bribe your kids to do
what you want them to do?


Dino’s mom here…He is doing really well with the chart…I bought him these colored blocks that look like jenga…you can do a number of things with them. He is starting a new line and is almost done with it…soon I’ll give him the Spider man play castle. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. With each new toy he gets rid of another toy…but OMG…it costs money.


I am thinking about…

(a) smaller gifts (like small superheros and cars)

(b) choices of favorite things to do..which might be just as expensive

(c) putting ideas and tickets for toys/activities in a jar and letting him pick but what if he doesn’t like what he picked?

what do you all think? any suggestions? 

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New Furniture and Toys — 14 Comments

  1. I would try smaller rewards for sure, because the price of kids toys are not cheap by any means. Love Dino’s new furniture and sounds like the sleeping later has been successful so far. Keep up the good work Dino!! 🙂

    • I think I am going to buy a BUNCH of the superheros for the houses now…this way he can pick two each time…having a choice and seeing what else there is to earn would be a good incentive.

  2. Nice dresser and chest set! Oh,yes, the prizes can get expensive! When my kids were little I used to eat happy meals myself and then save the toys that come with it. I put them in a big box along with things I might get from a dollar tree type of store. When it was time for a reward they got to pick anything they wanted out of the box. I don’t know if they still do it but sometimes you can just buy the prize for a buck at the fast food restaurants if you don’t want the food.

    • yeah, I am in over my head, LOL…Going to buy a bunch of the little superheros and he can pick two at a time. I like the idea of buying the prizes right from McDonalds…that is ingenious.

  3. LOL at the follow up you wrote at the end. 🙂 Maybe you could chart for free things, like time at the park, a board game played of choice, a lego tutorial together… I dunno, just ideas. I love that it is working though, this shows a great ingenuity on your part. 🙂

    • I know…I should hae thought about that in greater detail first, LOL. I’m going to buy lots of little superheros and buy toys from Mcdonsalds..(a great suggestions form Carla)…but a great ideas babe…I could so do the park, dinner at mcdonalds, or jump house….very cool….

  4. I am currently bribing my son to poop on the potty instead of in his underwear! I’m using a stash of old toys my MIL sent home with us that used to be my husbands. Most of it was junk (broken, etc) but I worked through it and came up with a small shoe box full of hot wheels cars and other small stuff like that. He is extremely motivated to get that stuff! So, my advice is to find a friend or family member (or garage sale!) who can give you some free hand me down toys for prizes.

    • that is a good idea too…as long as it’s a toy he doesn’t care…thanks babe.

      I hated potty training…it’s the worst…good luck babe…so awesome when he finllay gets it.

  5. Hit the yard sales this fall; maybe you can get a bunch of small toys and only spend a little. I can only imagine how many toys you have in your home!

    • that’s a good idea…we actually get rid of or donate one thing each time we bring something new in…so it’s not too bad. It’s amazing how the toys change as he gets older…sniffles.

  6. The Batcave totally rocks! We have the older version — gets lots of play time here. You can find the Imaginext characters sold in separate packages sometimes for close to 3 dollars. Dollar store finds tend to be big hits here — maybe let him pick out a few dollar items and have those be the prizes he draws for?

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