CollageThis week’s Listicles: 10 THINGS I WILL REMEMBER THIS SUMMER BY

This summer came and went. It all just goes so fast, don’t you think? How many days till next summer vacation?

Hubby and I each gave five things we will remember this summer.


  1. Dinosaur’s 4th Birthday, sure it was at the beginning of June…but to me that means summer is coming here
  2. Our vacation to Rocking Horse Ranch…what a great all-inclusive resort for kids
  3. Dino playing in the pool on a beautiful summer day
  4. Dino finally getting the hang of it and riding his bike like a big boy
  5. Hubby being able to have dinner with us most nights.

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  1. All our day trips as a family
  2. Playing with Dino in the driveway after work or on the weekends.
  3. Grilling lunches and dinners
  4. Watching TV with Dino before bed
  5. Driving in the car with my family and laughing at all the things Dino says 

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  1. Seriously still cannot believe another summer is over now. But I think we have some wonderful memories to now get us through. And I just hoping that the warm weather won’t disappear too quickly just yet!!

    • LOL…so funny how some things we are the same with Janine, but with the weather we are so different. I am so looking forward to the crisp, chilly fall weather. I will miss the summer though, feels like I didn’t get to enjoy enough time with my guys, even though I know I did. I just want a bit more, LOL

  2. It does sound like you guys had a great summer. OOO a resort for kids? Love the idea! We have toddler amusement park type places that I really hope to get my son to before he’s too old 🙂 What I always enjoy most are the times we have eating together. I think the highlight of our summer was going to the pool a few times before it was too warm to go in (since our complex pools are outside and we live in Arizona.) Thanks for linking up to Mommy Monday every week! I enjoyed reading your post!

    • thanks babe…yeah, the resort rocked and I liked not having to drive anywhere. I’m sure as he gets older it won’t fly.

      love linking up with you ladies.

    • it was a wonderful summer…sniffles…it’s over now. though I am looking forward to the fall.

      it is fun to get his input and it helps me with my creativity.

    • thanks babe…now we are looking forward to our fall adventures, LOL

      I think I keep writing your name wrong each and every time…I feel so flipping stupid.

  3. #1, 4 and 5 could be about my little boy and our family. My little guy’s birthday is June 8th. I completely forgot to list that about our summer that this was the epic year he finally began riding his bike without training wheels. In fact, it was the very last day of school that he learned to ride like a big boy. This summer, we made more of an effort to have family dinners together, as well. More quality time. Looks like it was a fun summer for your family. 🙂

    • another June bday…wooohooo.

      well congrats to him…riding a bike is a big accomplishment, but sad that he is growing up.

      I will miss our family dinners…but look forward to when we Can spend time togehter.

  4. I can totally relate to the summer passing in the blink of an eye!

    Kudos to Dinosaur for learning how to ride a bike at age 4!! My boys have all learned at age 6, as did I.

    • thanks babe…but the bike still has training wheels on it…but to him it’s a big bike. I am so proud of my little boy. I wish I had more time to enjy the summer a bit more.

    • OH NO…I can’t even imagine…I don’t know what I am going to do when it;s Dino;s turn… but congrats on your two oldest going to college…a great accomplishment.

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