magic wand CollageFinish the Sentence FridayThis week’s sentence is If I had a magic want, the first thing I’d do is…”

oh so many choices….

Do I use it to stall annoying cars of drivers who are driving way to close to me and people talking/texting on their phone while driving?

Do I use it make all the times on my grocery shopping list appear?

Do I use it to make update my wardrobe? I just went to Dress Barn and bought two skirts and one dress…check out my wardrobe wish list PINTEREST. But I NEED more professional clothes.

Do I use it to wash, dry, and put away clothes? 

I want to say ALL…but then if I get greedy…it could backfire and turn into some kind of elder wand...(yes that was a Harry Potter reference)…so I choose…










Wash, Dry, and Put away all the laundry. As much as I love finally having a washer and dryer…and like my system for washing and drying clothes….I DO NOT like putting away clothes. I normally just throw the dirty clothes right into the washing machine. Items that need to be dried are tossed in the dryer and the items that need to be hung up…are placed on a drying rack…which takes up space in our bedroom, but there is no other place in our TINY apartment.

It seems that we always have something on the drying rack…even when I put away the dried clothes…there is always something new to hang up. I actually posted about my closet organization HERE, for my Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop.

I have a strict system…but it works.


YUP! So with a swish of my wand…and in just a matter of seconds….

  • clothes, sheets, towels, rags, would all be washed
  • either hung up or thrown in the dryer
  • folded into drawers or placed on hangers in the closet n the correct spots

Collage laundryI could spend more time playing with Dino, blogging, cooking, and crocheting.

What would you with your magic wand? 




  1. Looks like we had a bit of the same thought with organizing and cleaning, because I totally would love to be able to have a wand to clean up sorts of messes, including putting the clothes away for me, too. And loved the Harry Potter reference!! 🙂

    • LOL…I so wanted to do it all but didn’t want to be greedy. But OH MAN Janine…it was a tough call the grocery list was calling to me as well…but thank God for Peapod

  2. Laundry totally sucks. This is a brilliant use of a wand. And putting everything away too? OMG life would be so much easier without laundry! Love it!

  3. I hate laundry too, and using your wand for this will give you more time to be with Dino, so it’s not selfish at all! I refuse to put my kids’ clothes away anymore, so their baskets sit in their rooms until the next laundry day 🙁

  4. While I understand your laundry issue, I don’t do it that often so I’d have to scratch that one off. I would wish that I could get by with no sleep and feel perfectly rested. That way I could get more blogging stuff done without sacrificing something else.

    • I just can’t get dressed on the weekends…but I do follow the other routines, LOL. It is hard…I often slack here and there and then curse myself for it the next day.

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