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My subject is “When I look in the mirror, I don’t see what everyone else sees. What I see is…” It was submitted by . Here goes:

In grammar school….my bullies and tormentors saw a week little girl with a big nose and an aphro. They called me names and either ostracized me or made a spectacle of me…that stayed with me for a LONG TIME.  Mind you this was in a Catholic grammar school. The teachers knew and they just coddled the popular ones. Great teachers right? Wonderful parents raising bullies, right?

 In my teens my first boyfriend (NOT my hubby) saw me as something to be emotionally manipulated and brainwashed because he couldn’t face who he really was. He made me feel stupid, ugly, weird, unacceptable. Then I found out that his previous girlfriends were all treated the same way. I hope my son never has to pretend to be something he is not because he is afraid to be who he is. I tell my son everyday we love and accept him and there is NEVER anything he can tell us that will make us stop loving or respecting him.


In my twenties people saw an insecure, weird, afraid, timid, geeky girl who was didn’t know who she was, but sure as hell thought she did.  I sure did take my hubby on one hell of a crazy ride…but he survived and likes me, the real me…most of the time, LOL.


I believed what they all saw. I let them define me…When I turned 30…I slowly started loving me…appreciated who I am…and now that I am a mom, my determination to love myself is even stronger. I have to show my son what a confident woman is…so he knows what to look for in his mate. I don’t want him to find a person who needs his approval to feel good, I don’t want him to find a person who he has to put down to feel good about himself. Being a mom, my job is not just in my words, but in my actions and modeling.


 So what do I see? I see someone who is…





rock star

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  1. This blog post made me happy and sad all at once. It’s so hard growing up with self-doubt because of other’s opinions. I’m so glad you found out who you are and that you love what everyone sees when they see/read/meet you. You are all of those wonderful things and more. Have a wonderful Friday!

    • thanks babe…it was a hard post to write…going back to those memories was hard. I am glad I was able to love who I am…too often many adults still hold on to the beliefs of others.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I think we, as women, have all struggled with how we think others see us. We struggle to find out who we are and not let the opinion of others make a difference to who we really are.
    Brava!!! And big HUGS!!!

  3. So beautifully written, I couldn’t love this any more!!!
    I felt like 30 was my magic number as well when I stepped into a better place within myself.
    Such an outstanding list of amazing qualities. You are exceptionally snazzy in my book.

    • oh well thanks babe! snazziness all around! I actually look forward to turning 40…maybe I’m crazy, but I’m smarter and wiser and have many things to accomplish

    • thanks Karen. It was difficult to write, I erased it a few times…but then just went for it. I have tried to let that part of my past go…knowing that isn’t who I am anymore, but it did make me who I am today.

  4. This is my favorite post of yours—very relatable! It’s sad how cruel children are to one another, and how we grow up with that stigma of thinking we are not good enough or will never fit in. We miss out on so many of the joys of our youth. I don’t think we really find ourselves until we have been in so many of the roles that come later in life–a career, marriage, motherhood, all of it. I didn’t find myself–truly–until I started blogging. This is beautiful—thank you so much for digging deep and sharing this side of yourself with us! XO

  5. People are so cruel. I was the fat girl that had a gap in her teeth and was poor. I was TORMENTED all through school and those insecurities just followed me into adult and made me something I didn’t want to be. Now, I’m 30 and the things I know for SURE I am is a mother, a wife, a friend and a daughter. I’m still figuring the rest out…but I’m starting to see myself differently.

    I’m so glad you’ve realized who and WHAT you are. Because you, lady face, are AWESOME! ♥

    • thanks babe! took me a long time and while it was a rough period of time, it did make me who I am today.

      that stinks how you were treated…YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND ROCKING WOMAN….YOU GO BABE!

  6. What a great prompt! And what a great way to use it! I could relate to this in so many ways. As I approach the big 4-0, self acceptance is something that I’m still struggling with. LOVE this post!

  7. I love this! Not that you were bullied and made to feel that way (morons). So well written too – you can tell it’s heartfelt. And I love the idea of the subject swap. Can I sign up for next month?

    • thanks babe…it was difficult to write, but made me who I am today. Sure! Karen at is in charge of it all… She’s awesome. Let her know now and she’ll ask you for some prompts and get you started. Would love to see you participate babe.

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