eraser Collage2This week’s suggestion for Listicles is from @thefrilloflife  10 things I shouldn’t know

Once again hubby and I are sharing the list…our lists are very different, as you can see below.


How far a three week old baby can projectile vomit: Yup…that was one crazy experience…I thought it meant something was horribly wrong with my baby. Turns out it can be quite normal and I had to burp him more often while feeding him his bottle.

The best and fastest way to clean a toddler who has pooped so hard and fast it’s up his shirt and down his pant legs: Has happened a few times, so by the fourth time it happened it was just business as usual.

How to clean poop off of a carpet (both human and dog): Balboa pooped out of retribution on our carpet, thankfully it was a one time deal. Dino pooped while being potty trained. That is when I stopped and let him tell me when he was ready.

How it feels to be woken out of  dead sleep to an hysterical child having a night terror. This happens every so often. The look of pure terror on his face still haunts me each and every time. I’ve learned to turn on the light while trying to get him back in bed and acknowledging who I am. Thankfully when he awakes he has no clue as to what happened during the night.

How it feels to leave the hospital, postpartum, without your baby. Most of you know my birth experience with Dino, if not you can read it here. Basically he was still in the NICU when I was discharged and my doctor didn’t care enough to properly diagnose me with preeclampsia. 


All the back-hand deals and secrets between our country and other countries. The media just gives too much information away and this worries me. 

Knowing a stranger’s sex life because they are posting ALL OVER THE INTERNET: You can’t take it back once you post it.

When a co-worker tells me about their personal life: I can’t look at them the same way again. I work with you, we’re not friends outside of work.

Constant hearing discussions and propaganda of other people’s political and religious views and ideas: We all have our opinions, but if that’s the only thing you can say to me or force me to believe…NOPE. 

Unsolicited advice form others: I am tried of hearing how to deal with my son, marriage, home, cars, money,  and life from people who I didn’t even ask for advice.

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  1. Seriously, I learned so many that were on your list myself Karen. Kevin and I just agreed (now that his sister had baby #3), we didn’t miss burping babies and projectile vomiting. Seriously was never fun and so happy I am not going through that one again!!

  2. This is so true for me as well some of the things both of you said. I’ve really been sensitive to giving advice to people because as a FTM I know what it feels like to get unwanted advice from people. I actually have a post in the works about it :). Thanks for always linking up to Mommy Monday! I enjoy readings your blog!

    • OMG. Brittnei…I remember being pregnant and so many woman telling me horror stories about births and babies…I got to the point where I was like…”Really, and how is this helping me?”

      I never give advice unless asked and then I choose my words wisely.

  3. Yeah, I’m all about being positive when it comes to baby’s and birth. Nobody really ever told me negative stories about birth – probably because they knew me too well. I am very stubborn, and when people are negative it drives me to be better. People say negative things to bring you down – so that you can’t have the experience you want. If they think it’s going to drive you – why bother?

    I never ever give unwanted advice. If someone asks me, that’s another deal. If someone asks me how I deal with my babies, or about pregnancy or birth – then I will be honest and say what I mean and mean what I say. Otherwise, why waste the effort? I may need that breath some day anyway.

    I knew someone (I wouldn’t even call her a friend ) that would post lewd pictures of herself on facebook to make her hubby jealous. No longer facebook friends. It was really silly and immature.

    Karen, I can’t even imagine that a doctor didn’t diagnose you properly. It’s incredible – and he should be fired for being stupid (can one be fired for being stupid?). Usually doctors are so quick to diagnose, it’s shocking that they would miss something so blatantly dangerous. Preeclampsia is so serious. That is the one thing I don’t mess around with. HUGS to you. In fact, I think it’s so rampant in this country (so many women get it) doctors should educate women from the beginning how to take care of themselves during pregnancy. I totally blame the doctors. Unfortunately, it’s the women and babies that suffer directly because of their incompetence. OBs should educate women on the proper way to eat, how much water to drink , what vitamins to take, etc. I really do think that’s one of those things that could almost be gone if doctors would actually do their job. Doctors are so much about – let’s wait and see until they get sick – then make it an emergency and treat it. I guess OB’s are trained surgeons and they want to use their skills. Sad. Personally, I think it’s Dumb (I could certainly use other words, but won’t).

    Blah…blah…blah. Sorry for your experience. It’s terrible.

  4. Wow, I totally agree with your hubby’s #5!!! I have been getting more than my fair share of this unsolicited advice lately and I’m about over it! And unfortunately I, too, know the sadness of leaving a baby in the NICU. However, I completely own up to that being my own fault as a poor gestational mama. Headed over now to check out your story!

  5. Ah yes, the projectiles. Vomit, poop, snot, you name it. My firstborn had reflux AND she was a completely liquid pooper – when she was brand new, that mustard yellow liquid would shoot ACROSS THE ROOM. No joke. The door across from her change table had to be completely wiped down on more than one occasion. Good times! 😉

    • I will never forget that look of fear on his face during those night terrors….still freaks me out. I know…my poor BIL was there for one of those episodes, I still think he is haunted by it, LOL

  6. I know what you mean about the projectile vomit. My first born was a master hurler…he could ping us clear across the room. Once the doctor figured out it was an allergy to the formula, he was okay.

      • Yes it is crazy how an allergy can do that AND how expensive the specialized formulas are. I would have continued to nurse him except that I couldn’t keep up with his needs,so I had to turn to formula. He was a very active, alert, and fast growing guy. He was 8 pounds 8 ozs at birth. I could have hooked him up to Bessie the cow and he still would have been hungry. 🙂

        Have a great day!

  7. I so get the projectile vomiting! My youngest son is Lucas but we called him Pukey Lukey for years because everything made him vomit. Food, car rides, the wrong look. Ugh!

    Tony…I so agree with the work thing! But as a women I sometimes need to remember to keep quiet. Oops!

    Regarding the unsolicited advice, has my mom been calling you? LOL!

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