Silly Sunday & Weekly Roundup

So this past week of school was only two days…nice transition back to work. This coming week is a full week. I am looking forward to meeting new students and getting back to work with students from last year. Looking forward to a new beginning.

If I don’t come around your blog as often, it’s because I have to wait till the end of the day to blog and read blogs. I’m still here and won’t stop blogging.

Any advice on finding time to blog while working full time? Would truly love some ideas and  suggestions.CollageHubby insisted on putting up the tarp and eating outside on Labor Day. After Dino and I finished our  meal we went inside where it was horribly humid and relaxed in front of the AC. Hubby stayed out there, in the humidity, in the rain.


Hubby had to let the tarp air out from all that rain…so there stood the tarp the next morning and the morning after that.

CAM06362Dino showing me his pet dinosaur, which he carried around ALL MONDAY MORNING.


Dino hiding under the table with his pet dinosaur and toys. Why? I’m not sure.

CAM06354Dino hiding under the blanket on the couch. He stayed wrapped up for about ten minutes then crawled over to me and licked my toe. CAM06248


THIS MONDAY...Hubby and I each listed five things we will remember this summer. This summer sure went fast…of course I say that every year.

NEXT MONDAY... Hubby and I each list five things WE SHOULDN’T KNOW


THIS TUESDAYI posted Mommy’s Meal #6- Sloppy Joes. Did Dino like them? How did I make them healthy?

NEXT TUESDAY...I post Another Meal I found on Pinterest – How did I mess it up, but had a meal that turned out great?


THIS WEDNESDAY…BECAUSE VIRGIN MOBILE STINKS...they either were updating their system or had an outage…who really knows…they told me so many different things. I couldn’t upload my pics online to put them in the Kid Lit Blog Hop…Can’t wait to go back to Verizon PrePaid Phones

NEXT WEDNESDAY…is Wordless Wednesday where Dino ditches his toys to write in his journal


THIS THURSDAY…I posted the Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop #4. Did you link up your organization posts? I talked about clothes and closet organization. Do you prepare your outfits the night before or the morning of?

NEXT THURSDAY…will be the Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop #5. We will talk about organizing your bags and purses? Do you have a system? Do you have one bag or one for each outfit?

oganization button

THIS FRIDAY...I participated in Finish the Sentence Friday “With a swish of my wand…AND Secret Subject Swap “When I look in the mirror I see….”

NEXT FRIDAY...I will finish the sentence “My best summer memory this year was…

 magic wand Collage       Collage

THIS SATURDAY…Dino talked about this being his last year at daycare and how he wants to stay there forever.

NEXT SATURDAY…Dino will talk about how I made him a cool ramp for his cars.

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  1. I would say if something inspires you jot it down quickly. Also if you are inspired to write and time permits then write as much as you can. So sometimes I might come home from work and I’ve been inspired to write something so I just do it. Even if it’s not needed at the time, I’ll have it for later.

    It’s funny that he licked your eye! LOL

  2. Seriously wish I had good advice on blogging and working outside the home, but being that I work in the home, not so sure what I do could apply, because I am not sure on your breaks you could surf the web and read blogs. I know when I worked in a school, all our internet reading was monitored and they didn’t allow us to go to many different sites. So not sure if this is the case for you, but was going to say on any periods off you could always check e-mails, write a quick blog article or read blogs (if the site isn’t a banned one by their IT people). But that is only if you have any free time and most of my free period was filled with grading or lesson planning.

    • I may have to write things up on word and send it to myself…when I have the chance. Thank goodness for Hoot Suite, otherwise I would have no time to tweet and post on facebook.

  3. Hahah, Dino with his pet dino is so cute!! My daughter is the same exact way. She has countless little dinos and one in particular is her favorite. She carries him around, bathes him, and puts him to bed. His name is Crockally for some reason. Whenever I tell her it’s not tv time, she insists that Crockally wants to watch The Land Before Time so we just have to, lol.

  4. Ha, I’d be the one outside and hubby would not have even sat with me if it was humid. 🙂 I like to be outside, and with the weather about to turn chilly here soon, I like it right now even more.

    Do you and your husband have matching colored vehicles? That’s the same color car my hubs drives. 😉

    Thank for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

    • OMG…you can sit out there all you want. Dino and I were happy inside with the AC, LOL. I LOVE teh fall..crisp weather and awesome smells.

      Yeah…his Kia and my honda are the same color…but his jeep is silver. Good eye babe.

  5. You go girl. Even though I don’t work full time – I feel I work more than full time – I just don’t get the mortal award of money. I work full time and overtime for free!

    Anyway, I’m up all the time – that’s how I do it. Not a good solution, but true. It has to be done to keep up.

    I love how your blog is so very organized. You list things you will write on next Monday, Wednesday, etc. You are so good, Karen.

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