CollageI found this recipe for Easy Ravioli Lasagna on Just Dip It In Chocolate and I had to try it.

Now it didn’t come out as pretty as hers and I only had shredded cheddar cheese…but it ROCKED…even if I did add too much water when baking. panThough you should know by now that with me…I like recipes I can substitute and make changes to at whim…I like to experiment and know I can change it if I don’t have some of the ingredients.  Sometimes I change them up because it was a mistake, but it turned out good anyway. This is why I am a terrible baker.

  • I used round ravioli
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • ground pork
  • canned sauce

Dino and Hubby had no idea what the original recipe looked like therefore to them it was an awesome meal.

Hubby FINALLY got the lasagna he wanted

Dino enjoyed the sauce and “ground meatballs” dino eatingI thought it came out pretty darn good…though I have been staying away from pasta sauce…too much of it and it makes my tummy ache. I can easy scape most of the sauce off and it would be perfect.




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  1. My dear Karen I’m so honored you decide to make this recipe, as I told you before seems like even miles away and without meeting each other my mom made it the same day you did to celebrate my birthday! I’m glad your Dino family loved it! My Pinoy family did too! and yes…my mom put her own little touch too, and that;s the beauty of it! it’s super flexible and forgiving! Viva Lasgna! Lizy (you have my personal emai) if I could be of any help, please let me know Hugs

    • I am so making this again…yes beyond flexible and versatile. The best type of recipe to have. I may have to make this a recipe I bring over for family dinners 🙂

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