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CollageI am not a purse kind of girl, I don’t like designer bags or one for each outfit. I prefer a good bag that can hold LOTS of stuff. You moms know what I mean, right?

After shopping with my mom, she got me just what I wanted. I large tote to hold what I need…and it zips! A PLUS!

CAM06481I have a wallet purse that I keep in my tote…or wear across my body if I just need to run into the store quickly or don’t want to carry my tote.

CAM06475I also keep an old makeup bag in my tote…it hold EVERYTHING I need.

I have feminine products, hand sanitizer, lotion, pain medicine, pens, band aids, first aid kit, flashlight, toilet seat covers, hand wipes, headband, clips, phone charger, fiber packets, chap stick, lip gloss, notes, and can even fit in sunglasses.


CAM06480 CAM06481When I go out with Dino I put my makeup bag in his tote and wear my wallet purse.


CAM06487This makes like so much easier. After so many bags and failed organization attempts…this system works for me? Do you do something similar? How do you organize your bag(s)?




A Dish of Daily Life

I was so happy when Michelle told me about her purse organization. In this post Michelle talks about and shows us her POUCHEE, the ultimate purse organizer. LOOK how awesome that is… and you should see all the things she gets in there. I SO need to get this for my birthday or Christmas

PicMonkey Collage

So go check it out, you just may add it to your wish list or BUY IT…I know I am dying to get one now.



NEXT WEEK…I will be talking cleaning systems. Do you have a chart? calendar? follow an online system? Create your own?

Future topics include

What organization products could you NEVER live without?

How do you organize your kid(s) toys?


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  1. You both put me to shame. Seriously, I love designer handbags, but sadly don’t have the time or money to think of getting a new one. But the organization of my old Coach handbag definitely leaves less to be desired. Great job really Karen and you really do help huge with organizing tips here!! 🙂

    • Please…my makeup bag I use is like five years old…and the tote was I think $25 on sale. It seems to be working though, so I am happy. I hope they are helpful…now I just need to find a way to stop time so I can get more done/

  2. I think your purse organization is pretty great! I really need to find a small purse like you have that fits well inside a larger tote. I’m constantly moving my “purse stuff” in and out of the diaper bag, and I always leave something behind. BTW, I’d be happy to guest host the blog hop sometime! Let me think about topic ideas…

    • OH WOW! I would love to have you guest host…Let me know what topic or if you have a topic of your own…I’m totally open. 🙂

      I know, I was always losing things too, this will help…it’s been wonderful knowing where everything is.

  3. Our purses are so incredibly different! I have a tablet, 2 phones, the chargers for all, a chapstick, and a pink coupon wallet that I love but rarely sees coupons anymore. I use it to organize my cards and such.

  4. Having zones in a bag is just as important as having zones anywhere else. It gives you the ability to quickly find what you need. Products like Pouchee are a great idea if you carry a large bag! I like reading the comments about the different items we all carry around. What a great blog hop!

  5. It’s always fun to see how someone else organizes things and what they think is important to carry with them. Thanks for the peek. I love the tote you put in his bag or your bag as the case may be. This would have been awesome when I had little kids. I’ll have to remember it for when I’m a grandma and carrying a diaper bag again.

    Happy Sharefest!

  6. I do my purse about the same way. Everything has a particular spot and I like having things kind of modular like you do. I like being able to lay my hands on everything within seconds without a lot of digging.

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