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Welcome Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop #6

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PicMonkey CollageWhen I first started blogging I had my own cleaning schedule with daily, monthly, and weekly chores…It was detailed and crazy.

Then after much back and forth thinking, I decided to give FlyLady a try. I know it can be overwhelming at first with dressing to shoes and a shiny sink. There are morning and afternoon chores including and each week we focus on a different area. Before you can even clean, you must declutter and organize. It’s a lot at first, but when all done life is so much easier. 

Am I a perfect flybaby? NOPE

Do I do the morning and afternoon chores all the time? NOPE

Do I have a super organized house that is always clean and tidy? NOPE

Do I have a mom that always finds something that dirty or unorganized? YUP

Do I swish and swipe the bathroom most mornings? YUP

Do I read every single flylady email? NOPE (I set them up to go directly to a folder in gmail and only look at them when I choose)

Do I perfectly cleaned floor with no crumbs and stains? NOPE

Do I have furniture and fans with NO dust? NOPE

Do I have a perfectly vacuumed rugs? NOPE

Do I have a super  clean bathroom? NOPE

Do I have a perfect living room, with clean couches, and a floor without toys? NOPE

I am far from perfect, but I know I can return to my schedule if need be.

FlyLady has teamed up with Cozi Calendar to include her zones into the calendar. This is great. I love to print out the week so Hubby and I know what is going on each week. We can see birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, parties, appointments, and activities.  

flylady cozi


NEXT WEEK…I will be talking an organizational product you could never live without.

Future topics include

How do you organize your kid(s) toys?




Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop #6 — 8 Comments

  1. I’m a flybaby too, and I have a list about like yours of all the ways I don’t do it “right”, but I know my house is cleaner than it would be if I didn’t attempt to fly! I actually just turned off the emails because they were overwhelming me, but I should set up a folder like you have. Good idea! Also? I’m extremely impressed that you s&s every morning. I haven’t quite gotten into that habit yet!

    • YAY….fellow fly baby! woohoo If I don’t swish and swipe…I see things that make me want to gag…so it must be done. Sarah putting those emails into folder makes it so much easier. I read what I want and then just hit delete all when I’m done. It’s great.

  2. Looks like and interesting idea and I know when I was putting up your sidebar buttons, I thought that I should look into this and then of course too many other things have somehow come up since, but seriously loved learning more about this hear and really am going to try to take a better look at this now. Thanks Karen!! 🙂

  3. I’ve heard about Flylady for years. What a great resource for people who are looking for some structured support in getting organized. Thanks for posting this Karen!

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