Finish the Sentence FridayThis week’s sentence is I deserve a medal for the time I…”

As a mom…I think I deserve more than just one medal…

I deserve a medal for the time I didn’t curse out the rude, older woman behind me in the coffee shop who “huffed and sighed” as I ordered my breakfast and lunch sandwich, INSTEAD I did turn to look at her with a blank expression for a few seconds.

I deserve a medal for the time I complimented Dino on being such a good boy while he acted like a normal four year old in the grocery store INSTEAD of running over the older lady who was giving us dirty looks.

I deserve a medal for every time I don’t yell at parents for posting incorrect and unsafe car seat photos of their children on Facebook…INSTEAD I pray the child makes it home safe and uninjured.

I deserve a medal for the every time I don’t slam the door in peoples faces when they don’t say “thank  you” to me for holding it open for them….INSTEAD I loudly say “Your Welcome”

I deserve a medal every time I stretch out each and every dollar and finding a way to feed my family without spending a fortune.

I deserve a medal for holding a million bags in my arms, while carrying a four year old, and opening a door.

I deserve a medal for knowing how to install, take out, and reinstall car seats.

I deserve a medal for being a mom who loves herself and is happy with who she is. In turn he is a happy and blessed boy, who loves who he is and accepts others for who they are.

What medal(s) do you deserve? 


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Karen is married to a big kid and mom to a head strong, only child. She is happy with her family of three, along with their spoiled fur baby. Karen works full time as a teacher and still finds time to blog, read, crochet, and cook. Follow along as she enjoys this life.



  1. I like this post. It’s funny you mention holding Dino, with an armful of groceries and opening the car door.

    That happened to me tonight with Gray. Some random and very nice man came and helped me. That was the first time that has ever happened. I was completely shocked and dumfounded. I just looked at him with my mouth hanging open in awe – and finally got the words together to quietly mutter a thank you as he was leaving to take my cart back.

    In all honesty, all I could think was…can i bring you home and keep you? I just wanted to keep him. I want to keep a person like that. Things are so very difficult. It’s nice when someone lends a hand. I don’t think i will ever forget him.

    I don’t like to give myself medals. With that said, I’m gonna be 100% honest. I deserve a big, (for so very long) with this man i married. That man is a piece of work – I tell you. ~I’m shaking my head~ The stuff i go through on a daily basis is not for the meek of heart. No siree Bob, George, Ken, and Bill.


    • LOLOLOLOL I think most women feel that way Lisa. I often tell my husband that he better sleep with one eye open because I am coming to get him at night and stab him in the face. I know very violent…but he drives me mad sometimes.

      Random acts of kindness are wonderful…though I would have probably grunted and told him to get lost…I worry so much about sick and evil people pretending to be good…I am kind to others…but fearful when others are kind to me…

  2. You do totally deserve a medal for all these and more. I will say that the car seat photos drive me crazy, too and the people that don’t say thank you also irk me so much much when you hold the door for them. I was raised with manners and nothing annoys me more then those who don’t have any. Thank you so much for linking up with us and hoping your crazy week is dying down now. Have been thinking of you and hoping you are having a great Friday now! 🙂

    • OMG Janine…On some days I travel over to different schools…I am mentally and physically shot some days. I just can’t, LOL I am sure as the weeks progress I will get into a better routine.

      Love linking up with you ladies.

  3. I love this! I love that you have such confidence in yourself and that you can see the positive effect that has on Dino. Obviously, from my post, I struggle to find that kind of confidence in myself. You definitely deserve a medal! 🙂

    • (HUGS) tanks babe…you rock, you really do. THhere are moms in this world who don’t appreciate the joy of motherhood and the unconditional love of their children. you know you are blessed and therefore are amazing. I know I want Dino to look for a partner who loves themselves and doesn’t need his constant approval.

  4. yeah…definitely for the ‘not-giving-them-the-whatever’ which those people would only interpret wrong. hey, maybe for one of them, your reaction will cause them a little reflection and maybe that’s all they need to tip the scales in favor of being a normal decent person, ya know?

  5. Um YOU SO deserve a medal for the carseat thing because Ugh and OMG and I do not have that skill. Also? Mostly the best medal of all is being the mom you were meant to be. She’s flawed and perfect. As all of us are.

  6. Please come check my car seat! I do have it buckled to that buckley thing in addition to having the seat belt through it. See, I need help. I don’t even have the technical jargon down. I would totally have said something sarcastic to the woman like “isn’t it such a nice leisurely day, I love taking my time.” I can’t control myself. So I guess I get no medals. 🙂

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