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 PicMonkey Collage

I have tried to keep Dino’s toys and closet organized. I have kept his clothes organized with pictures and words on the face of the drawers.

As for the toys, well that’s another story. They always end up everywhere, which I am fine with. That is what happens when you have a kid. It’s going to be messy and that is fine. Even though I try to make him play with one thing at a time he loves to mix and match toys and let his imagination take over. That’s what being a kid is all about.


clean table
Can you guess how many things he was trying to play with at the same time?

I have purchased pullout drawers and used them for small toy and puzzle piece storage in his closet. It was working for a bit…but little pieces, odds and ends, are everywhere and then he loses toys and parts and flips out.

How do you organize their toys? Do you have labels and special spots for everything? Do you have large bins where they can just dump toys? Do you special bags/drawers for smaller pieces?

clean closet clean dresser


NEXT WEEK…I will be talking an organizational product you could never live without.

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Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop #7 — 14 Comments

  1. Karen, if you figure this out, can you please pass it on to me, because we seriously have tried everything and still end up with a big, fat mess and toys that take over the whole house. And the little pieces are seriously the worst!!!

  2. We have pull out drawer storage units for bigger items — Barbie dolls, super heroes, Hot Wheels (had one of those special Hot Wheel containers and it just didn’t work for us so dumping in the drawer is easier…) I put the smallest pieces in a zip-lock bag. It seems to work for us. My daughter has little Barbie shoes and accessories — they go in a baggie. Weapons for superheroes? Go in a baggie in the superhero drawer. It is a never ending process.

  3. Oh yeah! For the parties, I just put it all in my newly cleaned closet. Haha! Not a great solution, but it works for a few weeks. I’m just starting to pull it out now and put the clutter back.


    I would love to find out how you do it. I will promote this hop. Pin it and tweet it for you.

    I hope you are doing okay. I haven’t been getting regular emails lately. I hope the kids at school are keeping you nice and busy.

    Much love. I miss you!

    • I’ve been overwhelmed, stressed and sick. Not enough sleep is making me sick longers…sighs…I am loving my job though…I do enjoy it…just wish I had a nap time in my schedule.

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