Sometimes Simple is Best

PicMonkey CollageSo I was sick all weekend, actually I think I’ve been sick for two weeks, but slowly fought it off until my body gave up the fight and gave in to cold. I went through three boxes of tissues in four days and was starting to think that my brain fluid was leaking out of my nose. Thankfully my parents took Dino Saturday to Sunday to give me time to recuperate, but I still needed to take yesterday off from work and I’m glad I did. I am feeling better and can handle getting rid of this lasting cough. And yes, my brain is fine…well as fine as it can be now that motherhood has consumed most of it’s functions.

While sick I learned that

  • I need to sleep more, but not sure how when hubby dog snore so loud. I may have to get a sleep machine for the living room so I can get some sleep, but then will I be able to hear if Dino calls me? Either way I NEED sleep.
  • I need to stop stressing about my job. I have to accept that I am doing a great job and need to rely on my competence and skills…and of print all emails so I have a hard copy of everything.
  • I need to exercise…not sure when I will find the time or energy…see sleep problem


Now onto the simple meal that EVERYONE loved. Sometimes it’s wonderful to have hot, slow-cooked meal waiting for you at home. Other times it’s better to just keep it simple and stick with the meal you know they will eat. 

Our simple Dinner?

  • Two boxes of mac and cheese (I substitute almond milk for regular milk and added shredded cheese)
  • five chicken tenderloins and frozen veggies (marinated /seasoned and baked in the bast iron


Now before you scroll down the pics…

Yes, his shirt is off, he spilled water on his shirt and pants and insisted on taking them off. I will gladly let him eat in his underwear if he is happy to have the TV off and have a conversation with me about his day.

Yes, the mug of water is on the edge of the table, he keeps pulling it towards him and I keep moving towards the middle of the table…this goes on all through dinner.

ready to eat happy boyeating full tummy




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Sometimes Simple is Best — 19 Comments

  1. First off, Dino just put such a smile on my face. He seriously is too cute for words in these pictures!! Second, I missed you tons and was going to e-mail you later today, because I was starting worry about you. I didn’t want to bother you, but I thought if I saw no post by this afternoon was definitely going to message you to see if you were alright. Sorry you had a bad cold and trust me I am still fighting a bit of a cough from my head cold two weeks ago. And your comment about moms is so true!! Glad you are back and hope you feel even better as the week goes on 🙂

    • Tony said he knew I was bad because I didn’t even pick up my laptop for those few days, and if I did it was to do silly things and not blog or work on peapod.

      I am so behind Janine…I feel like I missed out on so much…sighs…will I ever catch up?

  2. Hope you are feeling better, Karen. Your pics of Dino made me smile – I walked into the kitchen yesterday to see my son eating his post-dinner snack of cereal, and he had no shirt on. Why he felt like eating bare chested is beyond me. Boys are so funny.

  3. Sorry you’ve been sick. Being sick and being a mom are just NOT a good combination! Hope you feel better soon, and way to go on being a great Mom even when you are feeling down:)

  4. Dino is super cute with that adorable smile of his! You are so right about getting sleep. It’s so much easier to get sick when we are sleep deprived because our immune systems can’t fight it off as well. Somehow you will figure it all out! Im glad you are feeling better! xoxo

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