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NOPE…Not this week. I know I was supposed to talk about organization products that you can’t live without, but I need your help this week.

I am overwhelmed, tired, and need to get better organized. I drive to a few different schools during the week and wind up eating in my car more often than not. I My car is a mess by the end of the day…I need a better way to organize my teaching resources, student work, snacks, books on tape, crocheting.

I often crochet, snack, and listen to books on tape if I arrive to a school early and need to wait a bit. I need these things within my reach, but hate all the clutter and mess.

So I need some suggestions on what to do? How do you keep your car clean? What tools, tricks, techniques do you use.  


NEXT WEEK…What organizational product can you not live without?

Have any suggestions for future topics?




Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop #8 — 6 Comments

  1. I really am the worst at organization and am the first to admit this willingly. I am truly in awe of all that you do to try to indeed stay organized. Cut yourself some slack right now though, because you haven’t been feeling well, are working full-time and are a wife and most importantly a mom, too. I think you are doing just fine and love you! Sending you hugs and hoping that you are having a good day today so far 🙂

    • Thanks so much Janine (((HUGS)))..I know I need to stop stressing so much. I met so many great and wonderful people through blogging and don’t want to slip out of it all…I need to get better organized so I can find time to blog more.

  2. Have a look on Pinterest for some great visual ideas on this topic. You need a “caddy” which has space for your various activities that can sit on the seat or floor. Also, I highly recommend a trash can if you eat in the car a lot, and keeping napkins in your caddy. Utilize the back of the passenger seat to hang items if you can because you can reach there from the driver’s seat. Lastly, EVERY TIME you leave the car, take some trash out and throw it away:)

    • those are great tips. never htought about a caddy or storage for the floor of car, but totally makes sense. I so need behind the seats storage…even good for Dino…thanks for the tips.

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