BACK TO BASICS: Goya Chicken, Rice, and Lentil Soup

foodCollageIt’s been easier making dinner and getting ready for work at night. I’ve been sticking to a routine and even with a few unplanned events, it still works. Even Dino knows the routine which is a blessing. I’ve been sleeping a bit better by drinking a half of glass of red wine before bed. It’s not to put me to sleep, but to keep me sleeping…but no worries I can still hear Dino if he needs me. I actually had dreams for the last three nights, though I don’t remember what they were…but I was definitely dreaming.

Now on to the meal, while slow cooker meals are great, they are not always practical and going back to what works is always best. I made a simple dinner and it was perfect since Dino was not feeling well it was perfect for him. How do I know Dino was sick? He laid down on the couch and didn’t move unless to use the bathroom. I got a few silly faces, but there were no roars, screams, jumping, and he only played with his cars or ten minutes. So this back to basic meal was great.

Goya Chicken, White Rice, and Lentil Soup.

I added olive oil, Goya Seasoning, and water to the bag with the raw chicken breasts…when ready to cook toss in some bread crumbs and shake it up. Then place in the cast iron and skillet and bake in the oven.

The Lentils Soup was from a can and the white rice from a bag (which I always add olive oil and Goya to the water). I must keep it simple!

The chicken came out perfect…always a big hit and the lentils were a nice touch with the rice. Sick Dino even ate his bowl of rice and lentils.

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BACK TO BASICS: Goya Chicken, Rice, and Lentil Soup — 22 Comments

  1. Ugh…when they just lie there on the couch you KNOW they don’t feel good. That’s always the first sign! You knew just what to do! It’s always best for mom to make a good comfort food when they are feeling bad. This hit the spot perfectly!
    Hope Dino is feeling better!! –Lisa

  2. Totally looked like a winner and I am with you on loving simple, but tasty meals to make for my family, too. Oh, I had a terrible dream the other night and actually remembered it when I woke up. I will be sharing next week, but needless to say I hope don’t dream like this again anytime soon!

  3. This looks yummy and it’s giving me ideas. I have lentils in the pantry and you just gave me an idea on how I could use them. My family loves brown rice. We could eat that every night 🙂 thanks so much for sharing!

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