did I just see that CollageFinish the Sentence FridayThis week’s sentence is ”Once, in public, I saw somebody...”

… run over shopping cart. I was with my sister, Janet, many years ago on our way to the Christmas Tree Shops. She was driving and we were waiting for a car turn down a row, so we could park. The old lady in front of us wasn’t too great of a great driver and almost hit a few cars. Then while backing up for the third time knocked over an empty shopping cart  NO JOKE. She rammed it and pulled it along with her car for a few seconds then sped off leaving the shopping cart in the middle of aisle. At first we just sat there in shock, then we burst into roars of laughter. I am no sure how my sister even was able to move her car. Did the old gal know what she did and left with embarrassment? Or did she think she hit a person and drove off?  Hands down it was one of the funniest things I ever witnessed.

… Hubby and I witnessed a woman in an expensive car pull up to get gas. She got out and realized her gas tank was on the other side. She moved her car around only to be back in the same position…we laughed to ourselves. Then she maneuvered her car TWO MORE TIMES…and kept getting in the same position. She would literally back her car up…turn around.. and pull up the same way?????? After the fourth time we were laughing so hard, I don’t know how hubby drove off.

Though I wonder what people have seen me do and say “What is wrong with this chick? Just the fact that I talk, sob, laugh aloud, and shout like a mad women when I listen to my audio books in the car makes me a wackadooo.

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  1. You made me giggle this morning and I will admit I still have to remind myself that my gas tank is on the driver’s side, because it was on the passenger’s side for all my cars before that. but the old lady hitting the cart, seriously I think I would have had a hard time not laughing either! Thanks as always for linking up with us and hoping that you have a wonderful weekend now, too!! 🙂

  2. Those are hilarious examples! And I just learned that if you look at your gas gauge, there will be an arrow on the side where your tank is. I always look at that arrow now because I don’t trust myself to remember.

  3. I love the Christmas Tree Shops! Well, most of them anyhow. There are some small/crappy ones.

    I would have been crying from laughing so hard about the woman at the gas station, but that reminds me of back in the late 70s during a gas crisis when I had gone to New Orleans to visit my cousins. The lines were crazy, and when we finally pulled up to the pump, my cousin got out of the driver’s side and was shocked that there was no gas tank. I told her it must be on the other side, but she said no and seemed to be in a bit of a panic. I told her the only other option was that it was behind the license plate, but she couldn’t for the life of her move it. She must have tried pulling up from the bottom and in from the sides, but it flipped down from the top. I’m sure we lightened the mood for at least a few of those other folks stuck in line waiting.

  4. I LOVE that story about the lady at the gas station who kept pulling in the same way. OMG…SO FUNNY!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha. I can’t believe she KEPT doing it time after time!!! –Lisa

  5. I am terrified of being an old lady driver someday! And yeah, I’m pretty sure people think I’m a lunatic too, always singing along loudly with my music! 🙂

  6. My hubby and I once saw a guy in a big pickup truck g speeding through a large department store parking lot and run slam into a parking lot light pole!! The air bag deployed and everything! Fortunately, he quickly got out of the car and was obviously uninjured. Once we knew nobody got hurt, we laughed thinking “Wonder how he is going to explain that to his wife?” Can you imagine – “Um, i was driving through the parking lot at Kohls and this light pole just cam out of nowhere!”

  7. HA! That’s hilarious! I once saw somebody hit another car in a parking lot and drive away. I was so shocked that I forgot to get a license plate number or anything!

  8. lol I have seen them! the giant car that slows to make a turn (lest they turn over from centripetal force) and at first you would swear the car is empty, but then you see the light paths on the steering wheel…safely at ’10 o’clock’ and 2 o’clock’ and maybe a little bit of white hair showing over the headrest
    funny post!

  9. Both of those are so funny!! My mother in law has a car with a push on button but there are keys too so when I borrowed her car one day I kept trying to figure out how to put the key in and could not do it. When I finally called my husband, he was like “uh, you just push the button.” Ok needless to say, I don’t ever drive nice cars. And for good reason. Thank goodness I never had to put gas in it. I bet that’s hard too. LOL

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