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10 Ways to Say I LOVE You

I was going to list the things we do for Dino, but it goes without saying all we do for our kids is because we love them. Instead Tony and I listed ways we show our love with everyday tasks


  • cooking meals that are not your favorite, but you know your hubby will love the meal
  • putting aside some dinner so your hubby has some for lunch at work
  • taking hubby’s clothes out of the washer and putting them in the dryer so they don’t get stinky
  • watching a movie you don’t like, but know your hubby wants to see it
  • putting your hubby’s coffee in his favorite tumbler 



  • going out and getting your wife medicine when she’s sick
  • picking up wine for your wife, because you know she is running low
  • getting your wife’s car an oil change
  • killing an insect, no matter how tiny, just to make her happy
  • getting a drink or surprise treat when getting back into the car

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HOW DO I LOVE THEE? — 12 Comments

  1. Love the list! It really is the little things – selfless acts that show you pay attention, that you care and will go out of your way to do something nice. Great list!

  2. So sweet. Nothing makes me love my husband more than when he helps with stuff around the house without being asked. Well, almost nothing. Jewelry would be better 🙂

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