As soon as I get our snacks, I separate into smaller bags if I buy a larger bag. This makes it easier to quickly pack lunch or control portions. I also include baggies in his lunch bag with the snacks that come prepackaged. This way his teachers can put the extra snacks in a bag for the next day. I DIDN’T INCLUDE the pics of carrots and grapes already separated into bags…this also makes for easy lunch preparation.


snackssnacks2Snacks for this week


snacks to go

Extra snacks for when we run low

more snackso


I do the same with my veggies…potatoes that are cut and seasoned…then frozen. I have sliced zucchini seasoned and frozen (pic not shown). As it defrosts it marinates, and ensures that the veggies will last longer.

I do something similar with chicken, but instead I pour the seasoning of my choice in the frozen bag and as it defrosts, it marinates.  I try to separate before I store in fridge or freezer, this controls portions and makes it easier when making lunches, defrosting, and cooking.

potatoesI often run out of ideas when packing our lunches, so by writing down some lunches that work…it makes it easier….for both me and anyone else who has to pack Dino’s lunch.

chartIdeas for dinner this week…though open to changes

  • Sunday: spaghetti and meatballs
  • Monday: goya chicken, rice, veggie
  • Tuesday: Tacos with ground pork mac and cheese, with leftover veggies and chicken
  • Wednesday: tacos with ground pork

dinner Collage

What are ways you get organized for snacks, lunches, and dinners? Do you marinate then freeze? Or do you freeze then marinate after it defrosts?

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  1. I never thought to marinate before I freeze. I always freeze first then marinate. I like separating the snacks into portions when you open a big bag. It’s not just easy, but it does help with portion control. GENIUS! I like the hanging baskets you use, too! Great organizational tips!! –Lisa

  2. I am with Lisa and never thought to actually marinade before freezing my veggies or meat. Great tip and seriously I have learned so much from all your organizational tips. Thanks, Karen!! 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by. It is so worth it, right? And the marinade and freeze is perfect when you want to pull it out of the fridge and start cooking.

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