38 Years and Halloween Memories

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This week’s sentence is ”One Halloween I…celebrated as a mom.

When you are trying to have a child and it doesn’t work, you think about every special moment and holiday you will never experience as a mom. But that first Halloween with my little monkey was beautiful. Of course everything is a joyous moment when you are a mom…but even more so that I finally got to experience it. Sure he was almost 5 months old, but it was beautiful.

He was adorable in his monkey costume…so happy just to see mommy laugh and act silly. Did he understand what was going on? NOPE. Did he get to go trick or treating? NOPE Did he eat any candy? NOPE. Did I celebrate like mad, enjoying every moment? YOU BET YOUR @SS I DID!

monkey collageBesides, just a few days before Halloween is my bday…so I got to celebrate my birthday as a mom…another even made special all because of a beautiful boy.

Speaking of BIRTHDAYS……

cake Today I am 38 years old…yes 38 and in two years I’ll be 40 and I’m looking forward to it. Age is just a number, but I am more confident and secure than I was ten years ago….

At 38 years old I’ve

survived my teen years and some tremendously stupid choices and actions

graduated high school and earned a Masters Degree

got married and despite our ups and downs, we’ve been together 18 years and married 12 years.

have a son, despite all those years of heartache and fear, I am a MOM

became a teacher, then due to budget cuts lost my job and condo

found another teaching job and slowly rebuilding and re-imagining our dreams

hated myself, tried to changed who I was, then realized I was too special and finally love who I am

lost friends I wish were still around, lost friends who weren’t friends at all, and made friends who will always be a part of my heart

started blogging, then stopped, then started blogging again

My birthday gift to myself???? Superhero Family Car Decals….YES, I’M A GEEK and I love it…At least they aren’t Twilight decals.Β 

car decals

What Halloween memory do you have?


38 Years and Halloween Memories — 26 Comments

  1. Ok, first off, Happy Birthday Karen!!! I am so happy I am the first comment to say it and swear if I would have known sooner would have e-mailed you. Seriously though, Emma’s first Halloween, she was a little over 3 months old and still suffering from colic. I have the pics, but still breaks my heart that I couldn’t get much smiles from her at that point. But now all she does is smile, so I guess in the end I thank god for small favors. And this year she is so excited to be Princess Sophia and Lily is Belle. Can you tell that they are obsessed with princesses, lol!! πŸ™‚

    • thanks babe. oh poor Emma…breaks your heart, doesn’t it.

      Dino would growl and try to scare the princesses off…but I think they might chase him back, LOL.

  2. I want to scream and laugh and celebrate! First, happy happy happy birthday to you! Also? I am 45. For real. OUCH. And I have a 4-year old. Also for real. I love this post and remember walking Tucker around our neighborhood, so tired and lame and with buzzing boobs, in his little crocodile costume for about 15 minutes. Love.
    This: hated myself, tried to changed who I was, then realized I was too special and finally love who I am
    I love that the most.

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope it’s one of the best you ever have! That monkey suit is hilarious! But, lets be real … Superheroes? OMG … Next they’ll be coming out with Santa and Mrs Claus with a bunch of elves decals! lol Good post!

  4. Sweet! Love the decals. And that is exactly what I said at 38. I was 37 when I decided to finished getting my undergraduate degree. I had it by the time I felt 40 and that year was sooooo much better than 30. Dino looks like he enjoyed his costume.

  5. Happy Birthday! I must admit that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post. It is so genuine and mirrors my feelings almost to a t T (well, except the mom part πŸ™‚ ). My daughter is 20 and my grandson just turned 1 and I know what you mean. She dressed him up last year and he wasn’t even 1 month and I must say we all enjoyed that. This year he will be a pirate. I am 42 and have learned that what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger and all my life experiences (good and bad) make me who I am. Thanks for sharing and for such a great post. Happy birthday once again and happy Halloween!

    Paul R. Hewlett

    • Thanks Paul, yes, you just keep going and thank God for giving you another day to see and experience it all. I never understood how much my parents did till I had a kid, now the joy on my parent’s faces is amazing. Congrats on your grandson.

  6. Happy, happy, happy birthday, Karen!!! I love that you are celebrating all you’ve accomplished through these 38 years. That is exactly how it should be. YOU GO GIRL!! (and your decals are fantastic).

    Dino as a monkey is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. ADORBS!!! –Lisa

  7. Happy, happy birthday. I remember turning 38. So much has changed in my life since then. So much I could never imagine. And I struggle with infertility for many years and so I remember feeling that way. All the holidays and wondering what that would be like with children.

  8. Hahahaha – I love your “want to share a roar… sniff?” You are blessed with a true little monkey, I see. Loved this. Sending you very Happy Birthday Wishes! May you create lots and lots and lots more happy Hallowe’en memories.

  9. Happy Birthday! And you are so right. Isaiah came to us through the miracle of adoption after trying for almost 5 years. It was amazing, and I did feel like every new event was a miracle!

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