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If you follow FLYLADY, then you know this week is the bedroom and our laundry closet.

I do love my hubby, but he snores HORRIBLY LOUD along with our dog, Balboa. I usually sleep in the living room to ACTUALLY get sleep. Some people are horrified and others are jealous that I get to sleep. Either way it works for us and that is all that matters. In the end, the master bedroom is mostly a place to store my clothes, do laundry, and hang up clothes that need to dry. 

If hubby didn’t snore, I would love to be back in the bedroom, but if I don’t get sleep I am can be viscous and irritable…he rather have the kinder wife. Besides with our crazy work schedules, this sleeping arrangement works.

So how does this tie in with Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop? I can’t take pics of our bedroom, it looks terrible..like a man cave….like he’s a bachelor. In his defense though, it does get crazy around here and it the least decorated and styled room. Which is my fault in a way since I do avoid the room, instead of trying harder to keep it more organized. I tend to focus on decorating and organizing the other rooms.  Any suggestions?

From previous posts here and here, you can see that I have a good system of washing, drying, and putting away my clothes, sheets, towels, and Dino’s clothes. Hubby handles his own clothes. I may wash them if they are in the washing machine and toss them in the dryer, but he has to put them away on his won…I mean I can’t do it all.

Instead I’m going to post some great ideas for super tiny bedrooms…apartment bedrooms I found on Pinterest.







NEXT WEEK…Organizing the living room/hallway closets and shelves…oh boy I better get started on that.

Have any suggestions for future topics?




  1. Even though Kevin does snore sometimes, I just wake him and make him turn over. If it was that bad, I would have to throw him on the couch, because I still go to the chiropractor for my lower back issues. And even when he was sick a few times, he actually was the one sleeping on the couch. That said I loved the pictures you showed and must admit since we got our new bedroom furniture last year, I love our bedroom. It really is the one room that I have made my own here. So, hoping when we do finally buy a house, I can keep the look and feel of it at the very least 🙂

  2. I sleep in the living room too, Karen. Along with Jeffrey who sleeps right on top of me. But it’s because my insomnia’s so bad that if I fall asleep there then I am not to be woken up. Last night I only got 4 hours of sleep. Blech!

    I love several of those rooms that you picked. Especially the second and third.

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