Chilling with Balboa and Mommy

It’s Saturday and time for my story once again.

CollageThis week I’ve been doing a lot of chilling with my dog, Balboa. He can be grumpy sometimes, but other times he just wants to lay next to me, watch TV, and see if he can sniff an extra crumb of food.

I need to relax after working hard all week. Remember last time I got to blog and told you how much work I am doing in school…well it continues. My brain keeps growing. Do you think I might run out of space for all the new things I am learning?

I think I work even harder than Mommy and Daddy, but when Mommy picks me up she won’t let me play for a few extra minutes. That’s not fair. Can one of you talk to her about that?

Even though she won’t give me those extra few minutes to play (and she left my lunch box and water at school) I still love her. We have fun taking pictures and Mommy lets me look at them to see which are my favorites. I love being silly with Mommy.

mommy Collage



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Chilling with Balboa and Mommy — 8 Comments

  1. You too are so cute together and seriously loved those pictures of you and Dino! By the way, I hate the cold weather as you know, but I am secretly happy that is getting too cold to take the girls to the playground at school after they are done with it for the day. So, I know the feeling of just wanting to get out of there and home. Trust me, I know it well. Happy weekend now, Karen! 🙂

    • I pick him up later to give him that time to play…but after working all day I want to get home, make dinner, and do the rest of the evening routine…I am exhausted, LOL

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